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Hairline Lowering Candidate? (photo)

Hello doctors! Can you tell by these pictures if i can be a candidate for a hairline lowering procedure. You see I have a heart shaped face and I just... READ MORE

How can I fix an indented/ slanted forehead? (Photo)

I noticed my slanted/ indented forehead a few days ago and I do not know if I've always been like that or it recently happened. I am 19 years old and... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Lift My Temples and Pull Back Hairline?

Hi i'd like to know if there is any way to pull back my temples and lift my hairline at the sides of my head. i mean like a temple lift but not... READ MORE

Hello Doctors, Am I a Candidate for Hairline Lowering Surgery? (photo)

I have felt as though I have a bit of long forehead, nothing extreme but I would still try to hide it lol. Do you all consider my forehead to be long... READ MORE

Is it normal for my forehead to look like this? (Photo)

I've noticed that my forehead looks weird and it didn't use to look like that. I also can tell that my eyes are not alligned but I don't know if that... READ MORE

Can knots on a forehead be smoothed out or "fixed"? (Photo)

So I have 2 knots on my forehead about a cm to the left and right of the center of my forehead. I look at younger pictures and I don't see them. And... READ MORE

Do you have hair loss after Forehead Lift?

I have heard from a couple of testimonies that after you get a forehead lift, also known as a "surgical hairline", you start losing your hair... READ MORE

Forehead Lift on 24 Year Old? (photo)

I have always had these wrinkles when I lift my eyebrows, almost every picture I have has these... I do not like the idea of receiving botox but will... READ MORE

Should I get hairline lowering surgery?

Hi, i'm a 17 year old male. i have an fairly high forehead and am quite embarrassed about the way it looks. my forehead is not receding, it is... READ MORE

Can a lump on my forehead caused by a cut that wasn't stitched years ago, be still treated by surgery or cosmetic procedures ?

My forehead was hit by a lifter on a van which suddenly broke loose while I was operating it to go down. It created a half-inch cut on my forehead and... READ MORE

Do you think I am suitable and would benefit from forehead recontouring for my brow bossing? (Photo)

Hi there, I have attached some photos of myself. I have been really concerned about my forehead for some years now and was thinking of taking forehead... READ MORE

Which plastic surgeries do I need in order to become above average looking ? (Photo)

Is it possible for me to become above average looking ? I think I have slanted forehead,thick brow ridge,no chin,no jaw line,sleepy eyes READ MORE

My forehead is really heavy and got deep wrinkles already at age of 24. (Photo)

Iam constantly raising my eyebrows because of this. Does it looks like I need forehead lift or upper eyelid surgery? READ MORE

I have a short forehead, but not low eyebrows. I really want to increase my forehead. Please suggest me what to do. (Photo)

I don't want to do a plastic surgery. Tell me something that is not like going to ruin my skin. Any type of natural or easy way please. My friend days... READ MORE

How much for forehead lift or forehead reduction? (Photo)

My forehead is so big and I want it smaller how much does it cost READ MORE

Am I a candidate for forehead contouring? (Photo)

I am unhappy with my forehead I feel as if it looks dis formed ,looks manly, my brow ridge is very prominent and I wanted it to stick out more but I... READ MORE

Is it possible to change the slope of the forehead? Female with a 'domed' forehead wants a 'sloping' forehead (Photo)

I plan to undergo hairline advancement (2 - 3cm) with grafts to round out my temples & frontotemporal recessions. Is it possible to change the... READ MORE

I have thin hair. Am I a good candidate for a Forehead Lift? Will I have hair loss?

I might get a forehead lift this December but I am afraid of the after effects (hair loss). Am I a good candidate? I have good scalp laxity but I have... READ MORE

I am a 15 year old male and I want to know if I'm eligible for a hairline lowering surgery (Photo)

I was born with a hairline that appears receded and have been wanting it to be corrected. I want it slightly lower and straight. I am not experiencing... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a forehead lift? (Photo)

When I lift my brows my eyes look more awake but when my face is relaxed they look droopy and dopey? Am I a good candidate for a forhead lift? (I'm 19) READ MORE

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