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Am I Suitable For Hairline Lowering Surgery? (photo)

I'm a 28 year old male and i've had a high hairline since birth. i've not had any hairloss and there is no history of male baldness in my family. i... READ MORE

Coronal Forehead Lift for Young Patient?

I am in mid 20's (female) but already have issues with horizontal forehead wrinkles/folds, very apparent even with the slightest effort to look up... READ MORE

Low Forehead. Wanting Surgery? (photo)

I have always had a very ow forehead which is barely up to 2 inches (If that) from my brows. It is also flat but whenever I pull my hair into a bun it... READ MORE

Endo Browlift- Sharp Burning/tearing Sensations Near Incisions

Hello, I am 4 weeks post an endoscopic forehead lift. During the 4 weeks I occasionally feel a sharp burning or tearing sensation near 2 of the... READ MORE

Front Top of Head is Egg Shaped, Can This Permanently and Safely Be Recontoured by Adding Material (Bone Paste)?

For many years now I have been bothered by the shape of the top of my head. The top front of my skull bumps up and if you were looking straight at me... READ MORE

What is the cause of this depression in my forehead? (Photo)

Indentations of forehead primarily in the middle can only be seen in certain light Can feel an indent with fingers when touched Is there anything that... READ MORE

Is the Scalp Advancement Incision Scar Similar to Forehead Contouring Which is Better? (photo)

Female 25 yrs old my forehead is very prominent and my hairline is high few ffs surgeons suggested me to do forehead contouring with scalp advancement... READ MORE

Hairline Lowering....possible for Me? (photo)

Hi, attached picture is my hairline. It's been high since childhood. I don't have any balding (I'm 26 now), but I do have thin asian hair. I would... READ MORE

I'm Looking for Surgeons Who Have Experience with Forehead Reduction Surgery in the Southeast U.s.?

I'm a 33 yr old male who has had some grafts on my hairline. i never really experienced any hair loss...just always had a high forehead. the... READ MORE

Hi, I'm a fit 30 year old male and have always been unhappy with my very high hairline. (photo)

Looking to lower my hair line about 2.5cm and have my brow bone shaved to get rid ofthe big lumps on my head. in proportion other than my very long... READ MORE

Forehead asymmetry. How to fix it? What is the procedure and how long is the recovery? (photos)

I am 34 male. I have asymmetric forehead because the area of the left temple caused ossification that is lasting for 30 years now. Wondering if... READ MORE

Does anyone have any photographs of patients with the expander at various stages of the expansion process?

I am 34 year old female that is suffering from traction alopecia. I was told I would need a two stage hairline lowering procedure due to the thinning... READ MORE

Is there anything that can be done to improve my forehead area and how much would it cost? (Photo)

29, male. The frontal skull bone appears to have a dip and top part looks like its protruding. Problems are made worse by prominent brow ridge and... READ MORE

What can be done about my asymmetrical eyebrows? (photos)

I am 29 years old and my right eyebrow is a lot lower than my left, what can be done to raise the lower one higher so they match? READ MORE

27 old year HealthCare Professional. What are my options to correct a paternal hereditary sloped and flat forehead? (Photo)

I am a 27 year old Male in the healthcare field. I'm originally from Jamaica and came to the States when I was 18. I was always bothered by my... READ MORE

Flat forehead, over projected nose. Is it possible to make my forehead round and longer? (Photo)

Ian female 33 , I have short and flat forehead .it is possible to make my forehead round and longer? Also Ian extremely unhappy about my overprotected... READ MORE

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