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Is It Normal to Have Itchy Scalp 2 Years After Endoscopic Forehead Surgery?

My scalp has been itching for 2 years post endoscopic surgery . Some days it is worse than others. My dermotologist did not find any scalp problems.... READ MORE

Staples and Brow Lift? (photo)

I had a one sided brow lift and nine staples were used. The staples were removed approx I week later. A friend told me they should have been left in... READ MORE

Asymmetry After Endoscopic Forehead Lift

I had an endoscopic forehead lift about 5 years ago. It was done by a highly experienced and reputable plastic surgeon. Immediately after surgery, I... READ MORE

Surgical Hairline Advancement Procedure Hairline is Too Low?

I had a Surgical Hairline Advancement. I had the 2 surgeries involving a tissue expander. I feel my hairline is too low. As a result, I want to move... READ MORE

I Had Endoscopic Forehead Lift/ Browlift and Can't Move Left Brow After 6 Days; What to Do?

I am very happy with the results so far, since my doctor did different procedures at the same time, but I'm a little concern with the fact that I... READ MORE

Endo Browlift- Sharp Burning/tearing Sensations Near Incisions

Hello, I am 4 weeks post an endoscopic forehead lift. During the 4 weeks I occasionally feel a sharp burning or tearing sensation near 2 of the... READ MORE

How do I deal with an ingrown hair at the incision site after hairline lowering (similar to facelift)? (photos)

Hello, I received a hairline lowering (similar to facelift) about 6 weeks ago. My scar is red, and I assume it is because I have more blood; I bruised... READ MORE

Are Facial Exercises After Trichophytic Forehead Lift and Blepharoplasty Beneficial?

The surgeon said to do forehead/brow exercises, which I have been doing, consisting of light massage, raising/lowering eyebrows, winking and squinting... READ MORE

Over-elevated After Forehead Lift, Brows Look Droopy. Need A Second Opinion on Surgeon Recommendation? (photo)

I had a forehead lift years ago. The middle of the forehead and the middle portion of the brows remain over-elevated, making the peripheral brows look... READ MORE

What Causes Me to Swell After 25 Days Hair Line Lowering Procedure?

I had hair line lowering procedure 25 days ago, and the swelling after surgery gone after five days, but now after 20 days i anm swelling like i was... READ MORE

How Many Times Can You Have Your Hairline Lowered?

Hello, I had my hairline lowered last month but I still feel like my forehead is too big. I was wondering if It's possible to have my hairline lowered... READ MORE

9 Weeks Post Op Coronal Forehead Lift, Eye Brows Too High. Will They Drop?

9 Weeks Post Op Coronal Forehead Lift, Eye Brows Too High.  Will They Drop? READ MORE

Lump After Hairline Lowering?

Hello I week ago I had plastic surgery I had haurline lowering and I developed on the side of my head a lump wich my surgeon said it would be absorbed... READ MORE

Continuos and Pervasive Eyebrow Itching 3 Years After Forehead Lift, What Can I Do?

I had a forehead lift 3 years ago and the excessive itching in my eyebrows is so bad that I can't wear my hair down and I feel like I can never... READ MORE

Forehead Lift. Peroxide on Stitches Caused Chemical Burn?

I had a forehead lift last week and my doctor told me to put hydrogen peroxide (3%) on my stitches 3x per day. I did and the next day, I had white... READ MORE

Can hematoma cause nerve damage ? (photos)

Hi, on june 20th (3 weeks ago ) i've had an endoscopic forehead lift done through 4 incisions. Healing has been going well. Swelling near eyes... READ MORE

Can air get trapped inside scalp after hairline lowering procedure?

On 9/10 I had my hairline lowered.Surgery went well. 2 days after surgery I noticed that when I would run my fingers at the crown of my scalp I could... READ MORE

Can a Doctor Repair Cut Muscles in Forehead After a Lift?

When I had my forehead lift done several years ago, he cut muscle, but, it looks weird because I have some movement in lower portion of my forehead,... READ MORE

Surgical Hairline Advancement Procedure Hairline is Too Low? (This is a follow-up to my first question) (photo)

I had a Surgical Hairline Advancement almost a year ago. I had the 2 surgeries involving a tissue expander. 1) I feel my hairline is too low. 2) I... READ MORE

Forehead Lift 6 Months Ago; Eyebrows Lack Movement But Are Sagging. What Are My Options to Correct?

Can Surgery Be Done to Correct a Sagging, Non Moving Eyebrow  After a Clasic Forehead Lift 6 Months Post Op ? READ MORE

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