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Is It Normal to Have Itchy Scalp 2 Years After Endoscopic Forehead Surgery?

My scalp has been itching for 2 years post endoscopic surgery . Some days it is worse than others. My dermotologist did not find any scalp problems.... READ MORE

Staples and Brow Lift? (photo)

I had a one sided brow lift and nine staples were used. The staples were removed approx I week later. A friend told me they should have been left in... READ MORE

Asymmetry After Endoscopic Forehead Lift

I had an endoscopic forehead lift about 5 years ago. It was done by a highly experienced and reputable plastic surgeon. Immediately after surgery, I... READ MORE

Surgical Hairline Advancement Procedure Hairline is Too Low?

I had a Surgical Hairline Advancement. I had the 2 surgeries involving a tissue expander. I feel my hairline is too low. As a result, I want to move... READ MORE

I Had Endoscopic Forehead Lift/ Browlift and Can't Move Left Brow After 6 Days; What to Do?

I am very happy with the results so far, since my doctor did different procedures at the same time, but I'm a little concern with the fact that I... READ MORE

Endo Browlift- Sharp Burning/tearing Sensations Near Incisions

Hello, I am 4 weeks post an endoscopic forehead lift. During the 4 weeks I occasionally feel a sharp burning or tearing sensation near 2 of the... READ MORE

Are Facial Exercises After Trichophytic Forehead Lift and Blepharoplasty Beneficial?

The surgeon said to do forehead/brow exercises, which I have been doing, consisting of light massage, raising/lowering eyebrows, winking and squinting... READ MORE

How do I deal with an ingrown hair at the incision site after hairline lowering (similar to facelift)? (photos)

Hello, I received a hairline lowering (similar to facelift) about 6 weeks ago. My scar is red, and I assume it is because I have more blood; I bruised... READ MORE

Over-elevated After Forehead Lift, Brows Look Droopy. Need A Second Opinion on Surgeon Recommendation? (photo)

I had a forehead lift years ago. The middle of the forehead and the middle portion of the brows remain over-elevated, making the peripheral brows look... READ MORE

What Causes Me to Swell After 25 Days Hair Line Lowering Procedure?

I had hair line lowering procedure 25 days ago, and the swelling after surgery gone after five days, but now after 20 days i anm swelling like i was... READ MORE

How Many Times Can You Have Your Hairline Lowered?

Hello, I had my hairline lowered last month but I still feel like my forehead is too big. I was wondering if It's possible to have my hairline lowered... READ MORE

9 Weeks Post Op Coronal Forehead Lift, Eye Brows Too High. Will They Drop?

9 Weeks Post Op Coronal Forehead Lift, Eye Brows Too High.  Will They Drop? READ MORE

Lump After Hairline Lowering?

Hello I week ago I had plastic surgery I had haurline lowering and I developed on the side of my head a lump wich my surgeon said it would be absorbed... READ MORE

Continuos and Pervasive Eyebrow Itching 3 Years After Forehead Lift, What Can I Do?

I had a forehead lift 3 years ago and the excessive itching in my eyebrows is so bad that I can't wear my hair down and I feel like I can never... READ MORE

Forehead Lift. Peroxide on Stitches Caused Chemical Burn?

I had a forehead lift last week and my doctor told me to put hydrogen peroxide (3%) on my stitches 3x per day. I did and the next day, I had white... READ MORE

Can air get trapped inside scalp after hairline lowering procedure?

On 9/10 I had my hairline lowered.Surgery went well. 2 days after surgery I noticed that when I would run my fingers at the crown of my scalp I could... READ MORE

Surgical Hairline Advancement Procedure Hairline is Too Low? (This is a follow-up to my first question) (photo)

I had a Surgical Hairline Advancement almost a year ago. I had the 2 surgeries involving a tissue expander. 1) I feel my hairline is too low. 2) I... READ MORE

Forehead Lift 6 Months Ago; Eyebrows Lack Movement But Are Sagging. What Are My Options to Correct?

Can Surgery Be Done to Correct a Sagging, Non Moving Eyebrow  After a Clasic Forehead Lift 6 Months Post Op ? READ MORE

Can a Doctor Repair Cut Muscles in Forehead After a Lift?

When I had my forehead lift done several years ago, he cut muscle, but, it looks weird because I have some movement in lower portion of my forehead,... READ MORE

Will Spitting Stitches Compromise the Reliability of the Fixation Devices Used During Endoscopic Forehead Lift?

Endoscopic forehead lift was performed 10 weeks ago with four incisions made using biodegradable fixation plates (similar to endotine but a different... READ MORE

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