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45 with 2 Kids and a Husband That Thinks I Look Amazing "As Is" - but is Supporting my Dream of a Flat Stomach! - Laurel, MS

Dr. Nas was so nice at my consultation. He was insistent that I go for all kinds of check ups, mammogram, and I have an EKG scheduled before my post op visit on 10-21-2014. I realize that this should be the norm....but I have heard of so many doctors that promise the world and worry more about getting you scheduled and your check rather than really making sure you are a good candidate and healthy enough for the surgeries. He told me to STOP googling things and call him with my questions (like I am going to really do that...) but its nice to know that not only him, but his office staff are very knowledgeable and actually want to answer my questions. I guess so far I have been very pleased.....his reputation is great, the work I have seen done by him is great, and he is a very positive person and I hope and pray that when he said I would be in a teeny bikini by next summer that I will at the very least look like maybe I could if I wanted to....but not setting expectations TOO high!