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Mom of one, 48DDD(maybe bigger cup size)..just hopeful for smaller breasts

Linda Camp, Muncie,Indiana She is very cold, distant, doesn't seem to care in the least if she can get you help or not.She does the least she can do to get you in and out of her office so she can see the next patient. She isn't very "understanding" on people with large/big breasts such as mine. It's all about the "grooves" on your shoulders and having "money" to her. I wish I could've been fortunate enough to go to my mom's breast surgery doctor in Carmel but no way could I afford her ever. I wouldn't recommend Linda Camp to anyone unless you like someone being cold, cruel, and rude to you and the least caring and definitely not helpful!*************************************************************** It won't let me change my review on the doctor for some reason. Dr. Shawn Travis Greathouse is the one who ended up doing my surgery. He's in Richmond,IN. I've met him 5 times now but very short, brief times. He seemed to be more nice than Linda Camp(the one who denied me and was quite rude, very cold personality). I still think he could've been more kind, compassionate, and understanding. He was cold and hurtful to me about my issue and problems I had not being able to urinate when I was in the hospital. He said he 'never remembered' me mentioning this problem and fear of it happening again...and I did mention it on my pre op appointment in person.I'm not surprised people are very opposite remembering of what I say, being contradicting..as most treat me that way daily. He did tell me I should go see some specialists for my urination problems and for my not being able to relax/be calm, which is somewhat offensive and insulting to me. When I asked for Flexeril, to 'relax' some, he said a firm, strict no. He said it would be an 'atomic bomb' to my body, and my reasoning for wanting it was not good enough. I guess he thought I would 'abuse' it when I'm not that type person. He did tell me to not do anything to my breast until I see him again, just wait on his instructions. I still think he made me shower too soon but I did as he told me even though it hurts like hell. I do wish he had been more of a warm personality and kinder to me but I think all in all,it's all about the money which my insurance didn't give them what they wanted. I do know that the girls who answer the phone, since the surgery, have been cold and distant, like they don't want to be bothered with me, with how they've answered the phone and spoke to me so rude. So again, I just have to "take it" in how they treat me as I'm at his hands in mercy for no problems. To people who get treated better and in more kind ways, you are truly lucky as I've had very rude and cold treatment done to me. I just wish people would be extra nice to me and more understanding but it's so rare. Dr. Greathouse, overall was a nice doctor just not as 'extra nice' as I wanted. He is very intense and serious on 'staring into your eyes' in a polite manner. He did a good job on my breast, as I know, even if I still wish I had slightly smaller breasts. I'm still glad my breast are a lot smaller than before(as you see above). I do wish they'd give a better option on bras but they must have their reasoning. I'm just sharing "my experiences and thoughts", as I'm not trying to diss Dr. G. Please understand how I mean things, don't look at it one way, as a 'negative' way. ~~~Best wishes if you under go a breast reduction surgery, be prepared, it does hurt a lot but it is worth it.(even if some are lucky to have no pain)~~~

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