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2 Weeks Post Fat Graft: Should I Be Worried About Uneven Cheeks?

It has been 2 weeks since my cheeks have been fat grafted and I still look like two different people on each side. I have been hiding one side with my... READ MORE

What Happens if I Don't Like the Way my Chin Looks with Fat Injections?

I already have a chin implant and its my second one but I have these dents on the side. My doctor wants to place fat injections. I am scared because I... READ MORE

I had fat injection in my lower eye lids 7 weeks ago and still have lots of swelling, Do I need to be worry? (Photo)

As you see in my photos, after 7 weeks of fat injection, still my eyes is swelling and made me so depress. My doctor believes swelling has to be gone... READ MORE

Still look abnormal 3 weeks and 3 days after facial fat transfer. Is this normal? (photo)

Lower mini lift and facial fat transfer to cheeks, eyebrow area, and lips 3 weeks and 3 days ago. Still look abnormal. Cheeks and lips are too big and... READ MORE

Question about taking a Z-pack (steroid) for facial swelling after fat grafting and laser on acne scars.

I am so happy with the results in my skin and I trust my doctor's judgment, but I am very worried about how chubby my cheeks appear now. It has been 2... READ MORE

Chapped lips after fat transfer to lips?

Hi, just wondering if it is normal for lips to become very chapped after having fat transfer to lips? im currently sitting at day 3 and im little... READ MORE

Worried about fat transfer to lips second time. Will it reduce in size second time around, or am I stuck with a fatter lip?

Feb 2015, I had fat transfer to my lips, this didn't take and was advised by my doctor that I would need another dose. I did on 2 July; however, When... READ MORE

Eyelids swollen shut 3 days after facial fat grafting - should I be worried?

I had full facial grafting (forehead, temples, nasolabial folds, cheeks, chin, lips, ) 3 days ago. Also had subcision for acne scars and Fractional... READ MORE

Risks on fat transfers? Prevention of cysts and lumps.

So I have been contemplating on getting a fat transfer from my abdomen, flanks and inner thigh areas to my breast and buttocks. What are the risks?... READ MORE

Will excessive movement damage fat grafts?

I had fat grafts 1 day ago to nasal, cheeks and eye trough areas. I have allergies that cause itchy nose and I inadvertently rubbed my nose quite... READ MORE

Pain in my buttocks where fat was transfered to.

Three months after my surgery i have started experiencing pain in my buttocks where the fat was transfered to and my hip areas too.it is not soo... READ MORE

Too uneven after 10 days? (Photo)

I am worried that my ps performed this fat grafting to my lips and nasolabial folds unevenly. He denies it and says it's swelling, but I don't... READ MORE

Fillers/fat transfer/saline - facial volume.

I am interested in replacing volume less but have never had fillers and would ideally like to not have them - however as fat is permanent, is it... READ MORE

Asymmetry after facial fat transfer. Should I be worried?

I got my second facial fat transfer to cheeks, under the cheek and nasallabia folds about 6 days ago. i am still bruised . My one side of the face is... READ MORE

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