Volume Loss + Fat Transfer

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How to Fill Some Fat on Face? (photo)

Daily iam spending 1 hour in gym for some weight lifting exercises. but i lost my cheeks its going very deeper already i have long chin its ugly.i... READ MORE

Fat Transfer/grafting for Cheeks? (photo)

I have always had a long, narrow face. However, with age and with weight loss, the volume in my face seems depleted. I am considering fat transfer for... READ MORE

Significant Facial Volume Loss? (photo)

Hi, I am 27 years old and in the last year my face has lost a considerable amount of volume. Everyone that knows me thought I had lost a large amount... READ MORE

Is There Much Volume Loss After Breast Augmentation by Fat Transfer Six Months After Surgery?

How much fat is needed to increase bust size one cup with fat transfer, and is there much volume loss 6 months to a year after the surgery? READ MORE

Will Fat Transfer Address my Heavy Jowls and Lack of Cheek Volume and Marionette Lines?

I have heavy jowls marionette lines and loss of cheek volume..im 56, scared of getting a facelift, and wanting to know my options? READ MORE

Loss of Volume in Temples, Cheeks and Under Eyes - Fat Tried Two Times and Disappeared?

Hi. I spent a huge amount of money getting a full face fat transfer that pretty much entirely disappeared. I ended up with a dent in my cheek when I... READ MORE

How soon after Fat Transfer (to the face) is it safe to use facial muscles again (to chew, talk, smile, etc.)?

Male, aged 36. I am thin, so I’ve had substantial volume loss. I want fat transferred to nasolabials, teartroughs, upper and lower cheeks, and a bit i... READ MORE

Can a Fat Transfer correct volume loss around eyes? (photos)

I've lost a great deal of volume around my eyes and through my cheeks. I've always had deep set and hallow eyes with cheeks that were quite chunky.. I... READ MORE

Do You Think That Fat Injection Will Help Me Regain my Youthful Face? (photo)

Hello. I am 33 and I lost some fat in my cheeks. as you see in the pictures, my face changed in a way that I am not feeling happy about it. specially... READ MORE

How Can Thin Patients Treat Deformities from a Fat Transfer?

I underwent a fat transfer to treat a recent facial wound. I am thin but curvy, size 2 or 4, with a very nice shape. However, now I have a dent in my... READ MORE

Fat Transfer For a 28Year Old Female For Volume Loss in Face?

I am a 28 year old female. Over the last year- 2 years I have lost *considerable* amounts of fat from my face, resulting in an unattractive gaunt... READ MORE

I am considering fat transfer for loss of volume in my face. Is this the best route? How much would it cost? (Photo)

I have lost a lot of volume in my face in the last 5 years, specially cheeks and temples. I also have dark circles under my eyes that aren't very... READ MORE

What Is The Best Method For Restoring Volume to the Mid to Lower Face?

I am 42 male and have volume loss in the nasolabial area, the cheeks and the vertical laugh lines . I've tried juvaderm with so-so results. What are... READ MORE

Mild Nasolobial Creases for a Patient in Early Twenties? (photo)

I developed some mild nasolobial lines from smiling. there is some loss of volume in those areas. what is the best (long-lasting) way to get rid of... READ MORE

Facial fat transfer to cheeks 3 weeks ago. One side almost all absorbed, other has 3 raised larger areas. Do I have a problem?

I have a skin autoimmune and lost cheek volume due to stress and illness. Absorbed Restylane quickly, Radiesse left bumps, Sculptra didn't work and Dr... READ MORE

Is it possible to add volume to your forehead?

I am interested in making my forehead more prominent, as I feel that I currently have a flat face. Japan apparently has a technique for accomplishing... READ MORE

Frozen Fat for a Next Fat Transfer? And Can Ruacottan Make Me Lose Fat In the Face?

3 weeks ago i made a fat transfer to the face and the doctor said thet for the next time (if needed) he will freeze some fat . is freezing the fat... READ MORE

Can Sculptra Be Used Successfully After Facial Fat Grafting?

I underwent Facial Fat Grating about 3 months ago and was very pleased with the results. The PS said he was "fairly aggressive" with how much fat he... READ MORE

What could be cause of sudden loss of injected fat after lipofilling that was performed 12 years ago?

In 2002 I had lipofilling to correct a fairly large indentation between my eyebrows (glabella)/bottom of my forehead. The fat injection has been... READ MORE

Lack of Fat and Volume in Face + Dark Rings and Shadows Around Eyes. Best Solution? (photo)

Hello Im a girl in my early twenties, who suffer very much from dark rings/shadows around my eyes. I look terrible in outside lightning. It effects my... READ MORE

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