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Fat Transfer or Sculptra to Hide Under Eye Veins?

Something strange and unexpected happened after my under eye CO2 Resurfacing at age 37: Several large purple veins are now apparent under the eyes... READ MORE

Lower Bleph or Fat Transfer? (photo)

Hello, I have a nightmare experience with restylane under my eyes 5 months ago. I had it dissolved, but was left with a bulging vein (since removed),... READ MORE

I have middle protruding forehead vein. Is it loss of fat in that area? What is the solution that does not require removal?

If I am self-conscious about a middle protruding forehead vein that flares up when I smile, laugh, sing, bend over, etc, that has just recently become... READ MORE

Is it common to have large blue veins from botched fat transfer? (Photo)

I had an undereye fat transfer 2 yrs ago that hardened into fat lumps and protruding blue veins about a yr after. I consulted with an oculoplastic... READ MORE

Does facial fat grafting always lead to thick visible veins beneath the eyes?

I've seen a lot of complaints from facial fat grafting patients about thick veins being visible under their eyes after fat grafting. How often does... READ MORE

Am I candidate for fat transfer to butt and breasts? (photos)

I look very good in jeans and skirts but when I am naked I have spongy and loose legs and butt and fit stomach. I want to do lipo and use the fat to... READ MORE

Any suggestions for hollow eyes thin skin surface veins? (photos)

My eyes are very dark because I have thin skin and my veins protrude because I have thin skin. What can I do fat transfer. READ MORE

One breast Swollen, veiny, and painful 2.5 weeks after fat transfer?

I had fat transfer to my breasts 2.5 weeks ago at first everything was normal. They did not really hurt. The left one seems to have softened up and... READ MORE

25 yrs old and happy with my body, apart from arms. Would having a fat transfer to arms be an option to soften the veins?

They have always been really skinny and veiny (think Angelina Jolie arms, that's what I have). As I've gotten older they have become more veiny and... READ MORE

How likely is hemangioma to come back after a fat graft has been inserted into that area (neck).

My hemangioma occurs after i born 2-4months , 2 years ago i feel it become bigger thats why i decide to do a surgery. May i know how big is the... READ MORE

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