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How Long for Swelling to Dissipate After Fat Transfer to Lips?

What is the longest it can take for swelling to go away after fat grafting in lips? READ MORE

What is the Recovery Timeline for Fat Transfer for Cheek and Eye Hollows?

54 year old female, thin skin. Small frame and my face has hollowed. I have high check bones. Looking to do check and under eye hollow area. Will I... READ MORE

When Can I See Final Result of Fat Grafting Done in Face?

Could you tell me how many days, weeks or months it takes to see the final result of fat grafting done to the face? READ MORE

The Truth About Fat Injections in Cheeks, 4.5 Weeks out

I had small bags under my eyes. The doctor suggested to take fat out of my thighs and inject it into my cheeks; so I stupidly agreed and I do not like... READ MORE

When Can I Diet and Exercise, Lift Weights and Do Cardio After a Butt Fat Transfer?

Im 6 weeks out of getting a butt fat transfer and cant wait to get back in shape, Im gaining weight doing nothing at home and eating. I gain weight... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take After a Fat Transfer to Buttock to See Results?

I had a fat transfer done 2 weeks ago and Im starting to question my decision. I dont see much results from the transfer and I do have areas of... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take for Fat Transfers to Set In? (photo)

I recently had a fat transfer procedure under and around my eyes. I have always had a sunken in look under my eyes. Right after surgery I was pleased... READ MORE

How Long Should I Wait to Lose Weight After A Fat Transfer? How Much Should I Lose?

I had a fat transfer done about 3 weeks ago. The doctor harvested the fat from my abdomen and graphed it onto my face. I am very happy with the... READ MORE

How Long Will Fat Transfer to Pecs Last?

I am a male who had a fat transfer to my pecs which I'm not satisfied with. I heard that these results are not permenant and after a period of... READ MORE

A Twofold Question Regarding Fat Transfer After Restylane to the Tear Troughs

I am 23 and have always had hereditary dark circles caused by tear troughs and very thin lower lid skin. 2 months ago I had restylane done. It did... READ MORE

How Soon After Fat Transfer Can Dermal Filler Be Injected?

I had a fat transfer of the nasolabial folds and marionette lines 10 days ago. The first few days it looked good but I'm already seeing the return of... READ MORE

Will Fat Transfer Help to Improve Under Eyes Skin?

I had taken couple of laser sessions under eyes around 6 to 9 months back for dark circle reduction (last was ~6mns back, taken 7 sessions). I have... READ MORE

How soon after Fat Transfer (to the face) is it safe to use facial muscles again (to chew, talk, smile, etc.)?

Male, aged 36. I am thin, so I’ve had substantial volume loss. I want fat transferred to nasolabials, teartroughs, upper and lower cheeks, and a bit i... READ MORE

Considering Fat Injection

How long does it take to look a bit normal after a fat injection in the face (under the cheeks), in a way that people won't notice it READ MORE

Hyaluronic Acid Under the Eyes, Can it Be Applied, After 2 Months of Fat Injection? (photo)

Hi, I have 23 years old. 2 months ago fat injected under my eyes.. in the area marked with red dots, I think it is completely deflated, and I'm... READ MORE

Facial Fat Grafting and Rhinoplasty from Two Different Surgeons

Hello, I'm a healthy 28 year old female who is planning to have facial fat grafting for my gaunt cheeks and a revision rhinoplasty. However, I am... READ MORE

Is it Normal to Harvest Fat but Not Transfer the Fat Until a Later Date?

Is it ever the standard of care to harvest fat for fat grafting and not inject at the same session? My doctor wants to freeze the fat and inject it in... READ MORE

Fat Transfer and Pregnancy at the Same Time?

Can i go for fat injection (hope my own fat will not react harmful way) during pregnancy ? I hate the way my face looks with nasolabial folds and... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Have Fat Transfer if I'm Trying to Get Pregnant?

I want to know if anaesthesia / lipo from the procedure wud effect me if I'm trying to get pregnant. And I am still in mid cycle, so I wouldn't know... READ MORE

Sunken Eyes After Eyelid Surgery. Is Fat Grafting an Option?

Im an asian, im 24 years old, did my eyes 8 weeks ago.i noticed that my eyes are a bit sunken when i raise my brow. I have gone through double eyelid... READ MORE

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