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Can Fat Grafting or Sculptra Really Replace a Face Lift in Mid-30s?

Two years ago, I had a Rhinoplasty. For about a year afterward, my face was slightly swollen. Consequently, friends commented that I looked much... READ MORE

Will my Tummy Tighten Again?

I recently had fat extraction (just a little bit) from my tummy for my forehead fat grafting. I wasn't aware that I had to wear a girdle after that... READ MORE

What Procedure is Better for Skin Tightening & Fat Transfer...smart Lipo or Vaser? Had Lipo 7 Yrs Ago.

Hello, I had traditional lipo done 7 years ago by a doc who had to shut down shop...he was no good! I have some lumps/uneven "fat" on my upper abs. I... READ MORE

Pockets/Pouches Beside Mouth: How can I fix these? Filler, Botox, Fat Grafting, Laser Tightening, Liposuction? (photo)

I am 32 years old and hate these "pouches" and the indention they cause in my cheek. I've gotten Voluma (maybe not enough) in my cheeks in the hopes... READ MORE

Does fat transfer to buttocks make your butt hard or feel differently?

I want to reshape and lift my butt with fat transfers BUT my husband loves the way my butt feels and is adamant that a fat transfer to my butt will... READ MORE

Face tightening? Fat transfer? What's best for a 25 yr old who does not want a face lift but needs facial fat transfer? (photo)

Due to extreme weight loss I find my face has changed a lot. huge puffy bags, frown lines, neck fat. If you look at the right side of my nostril, it... READ MORE

Fat transfers: Can all this be done at the same time, what are the prices and recovery time estimated? (photos)

My plan is to have fat transfers from various places ( if possible ). The areas that I want fat removed from are : the arms, chin/neck, muffin top and... READ MORE

I want to tighten my stomach. Am I not a candidate for lipo or fat transfer since i don't have much fat? (photo)

Other than tummy tuck? I went to a few consultations, some said fat transfer BUT they all agreed that there might not be enough fat. That it is not... READ MORE

Can fat be put in the knees?

I have loose skin around and above my knees. Can fat be put in them and if so will it tighten up the skin and live? I hear it doesn't survive if it's... READ MORE

Does anyone perform fat transfer to the scalp as well as the face?

It is my observation that fat loss starts at the top of the head and not just in the face and neck. Replacement there as well as the face would... READ MORE

What specialist and procedure to fix a lumpy fat transfer in lower eyelid? (Photos)

I went in for breast implants and undereye fat transfer 5 months ago. Implants are great but lower eyelids are awful. L side reabsorbed the fat and R... READ MORE

How soon after 4th cesarean should I have a fat transfer?

Hi everyone! I am 32. I just had my 4th and last baby on 8/26/16. I was at 199 and now 140 which is normal for my pregnancies. I always retain a lot... READ MORE

Can anyone here refer me to a surgeon that has years of experience in fat grafting & skin tightening technique in Portland, OR?

 I dont have funds to travel outside of Portland Oregon so I need a surgeon who is a master at fat grafting in my location. READ MORE

One month after fat transfer to cheeks, I still have some raised spots and other spots look indented. Is this normal?

It looks better than before I did it, but I still have bumps and areas that look like indentations. What can I do to correct this? I have several big... READ MORE

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