Thin Skin + Fat Transfer

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Fat Grafting for Hollow Eyes with Thin Skin? And How Much It Would Cost? (photo)

I am 34 y.o. woman with very thin skin under my eyes. My eyes look hollow and sunken, please look at my photos, I used photoshop to show what I would... READ MORE

Possible to Have Smooth Fat Transfer to Temples with Thin Caucasian Skin?

Is it possible to achieve a very natural and smooth result lumps and unregularities) for a fat graft to the temples when the skin is very thin? I am... READ MORE

Solution for Thin-skinned Chest?

Seemingly due to sun exposure at a young age - or maybe due to early and large breast development - the chest's skin has thinned or stretched so... READ MORE

Why Fat Transfer Isn't Good for the Temple and Above the Brows Augmentation?

Hello dear doctors, I have depressions on the temples and above the brows. I already had fillers who did wonders but it's way too expensive because i... READ MORE

Fat Grafting Candidate With Extremely Thin Skin Under Eye?

I have fair, thin and translucent skin under my eye, but have hollowing I would like to fix with fat grafting. Is it possible to have a good outcome... READ MORE

Fat Transfer for under eye dark circles/thin skin. Can anyone recommend a specialist in Northern California? (Photo)

I'm 43 and have developed dark circles under my eyes and they have been getting worse over the last few years since developing some sort of low... READ MORE

Fat grafting with arcus marginalis release for tear troughs?

I have extremely thin skin under my eyes and prominent tear troughs. I don't really have bulging fat bags, the main concern is thin skin which shows... READ MORE

Fat grafting? Lower blepharoplasty, mid facelift? (Photos)

I tried fillers for my undereyes 2 times and every time was a desaster. My skin is too thin and bumps are showing. I'd love to have a perfectly smooth... READ MORE

Would a fat graft help me? (Photo)

I have incredibly thin skin from long term corticosteroid use to treat my RA. I am ashamed of my arms and will only wear long sleeves. Would a fat... READ MORE

Is fat grafting to my upper arm possible to correct loss of volume following a tattoo excision surgery?

2 weeks ago I had a large part of a tattoo surgically removed from my upper arm. A lot of tissue was removed along with the skin and now one arm is... READ MORE

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