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Is It Possible to Transfer Fat from Stomach to Buttocks?

If I get lipo in my stomach and underarms can I put that fat in my butt and thighs? How much would all that cost and can I finance it? READ MORE

What's the Difference Between Pearl Fat Grafting and Fat Grafting? (photo)

I had Pearl Fat grafting in my lower eyes because I had a Blepharplasty done 2 yrs ago and the doctor took too much fat out. Now he made me hollow in... READ MORE

What is Fat Harvesting and How is It Done?

Some doctors on this website have said that the fat obtained by tumescent liposuction is not re-usable. So then how do they get the fat out? Is fat... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Breasts and Butt, Which Survival Rate is Higher?

I heard that the survival rate for breasts is higher. is that true? READ MORE

Technique Comparisons For Fat Transfer for Face (photo)

Besides expertise of doctor, importan: 1. how to harvest fat to have greatest number of live fat cells (stem cells. using new 'Body jet',... READ MORE

Dr. Seckel's open composite fat grafting vs. standard fat injections

Hi Guys,   I'm 29 and have had severe under eye hollows/dark circles since childhood. I had some fillers recently from an oculoplastic surgeon... READ MORE

Modern Method for Fat Injections?

I have read an answer from one of the doctors on RealSelf, saying the old method of fat injections involved sucking fat through liposuction. During... READ MORE

Liposculpture or Brazillian Butt Lift? (photo)

I am 50, 103 lbs.5' tall,athletic. lots of squats but my butt is flat. I feel like I need fat taken out under my butt and from the saddlebag to create... READ MORE

Fat Graft Removal on Upper Eyelids

How is fat graft on upper eyelid removed? I have ptosis in the inner corner of my eyelid as well. READ MORE

What is the Best Method/technique of Fat Harvesting and Injecting?

1)What is the best method/technique of fat harvesting in which the cells survival is the most? 2)Is the injecting technique/method as important as the... READ MORE

Must Fat Be Overdone for the Body Own Absortion?

Is it true that fat injections have to be exagerated because of the body's absortion and if so how long does it take for it to go back to normal ...... READ MORE

Fat Transfer, Fat Grafting, Fat Repositioning, Fat Injections? What is the Difference?

Hi, I read about fat transfer, fat grafting, fat repositioning and fat injections (for under-eyes problems) and I want to ask what is the difference... READ MORE

Different Technique Needed for Fat Transfer to Breasts and Butt?

Are they totally different operations? which one is more difficult? if a doctor can do breast augmentation perfectly, does that mean he can also do a... READ MORE

Cell-Assisted Lipotransfer (CAL) ?

Recently read an article about CAL. "Adipose-derived stem cells (ASCs) are isolated from liposuction aspirates and are then added to another... READ MORE

Facial Fat Transfer Questions?

I am 51 and would like fat placed in my marionette lines. A few questions... 1) What is the most results-oriented, easiest and safest place to harvest... READ MORE

What Are the Many Different Ways to Obtain Fat for Fat Transfer to the Breast?

What Are the Many Different Ways to Obtain Fat for Fat Transfer to the Breast? READ MORE

Is Fat Grafting for the Cheeks Permanent?

Are there any new techniques that can bond the fat to your cheek bone structure and not let it fall or disperse with time? Thank You! READ MORE

Fat Transfer: Hit or Miss, or Technique Dependent?

I've heard of some awful and deforming fat transfer results. Is this something that is just a risk in general even if I go to the best doctor? Or is... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Obtain Fat for Fat Transfer?

I read on a doctor's site that it's vaser. is this true? I thought it was tumescent liposuction READ MORE

Fat Transfer To Butt; Do Doctors Take Only What They Need Or Can They Remove More?

I wanted to get a butt lift to make my butt more shapely, I know the fat is taken from other areas of the body such as lower back and flanks, Do... READ MORE

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