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What Can I Expect From Fat Transfer To Stretch Marks? How Does It Compare to Fraxel? (photo)

Hi! I am interested in injections of fat containing stem cells into my stretch marks. What can i expect from this treatment with respect to my upper... READ MORE

Does Stem Cell Concentration/Enhancement Improve Facial Fat Transfer Survival Rate?

Doctors say they extract stem cells from some of the unused fat, and then add that to the fat to be injected, multiplying the stem cell density. Seems... READ MORE

Do Fat Injections Change Skin Quality More Than Sculptra?

I have read that fat injections actually increase the thickness of the skin, as does Sculptra. But I have also read that injected fat carries stem... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Treat Facial Wound

My doctor treated a facial wound with a fat transfer about a month ago. My wound was 6 months old at the time, and had left scarring and discoloration... READ MORE

Should Fat Grafting with Stem Cells in Face Stay in Place if I Start Sleeping on my Side? (photo)

I had fat grafting with stem cells to my lips and face one week ago. I have been trying, unsuccessfully, to sleep on my back and have awoken to find... READ MORE

Will Removing Fat Graft by Excision Activate Stem Cells in the Remaining Graft?

Causing the remaining fat graft nodules to grow? I was overfilled a very long time ago. Everytime I get some of the lumps cut out-within 18 months or... READ MORE

Is Autogenous Adult Stem Cell Fat Graft for the Nose Available Yet?

Dear doctors, my question is about the autogenous adult stem cell mixed fat graft procedure. Does this kind of treatment work for nasal augmentation... READ MORE

Is Stem Cell Fat Graft more effective than PRP Fat Graft?

Hi doctors, I have just had fat graft mixed with PRP as I heard it is relatively safe as we are using autologous materials . More recently, I came... READ MORE

Facial Fat Graft with or without Stem Cells?

I would like to even out some irregularities (dents, PS called them "tissue deficits") and give just a tiny bit of volume to my cheeks with... READ MORE

Are Stem Cells Found in Normal Facial Fat or Just Body Fat?

I know that it has been discovered that fat is a rich source of stem cells. Are there typically stem cells in normal facial fat or just body fat? READ MORE

Stem Cell Face Lift

I keep reading about stemcell facelift sin other countries. I. The U.S it is referred to as fat transfer. The other place seperate the stem cells from... READ MORE

Fat Transfer in NY?

Thank you for your very helpful responses, as always. The Glasgold Group is very impressive, from their website, which inndicates that they are "one... READ MORE

Can Stem Cell Fat Grafting help with scar tissue and post inflammatory hyper pigmentation?

I've had hardened scar tissue on my lower abdomen from Slim Lipo for 1 year and 2 months now. I've also had loss of subcutaneous tissue from... READ MORE

Can Fat Cells Be Made In Vitro and then Injected into Patients?

For those who don't want liposuction, will there ever be a way of making fat cells in petri dishes or getting stem cells from patients without losing... READ MORE

Fat grafting. When would be a good time to touch up?

I'm 10 weeks out from full facial fat grafting. I see improvement but feel that I will benefit from more fat, especially there's slight asymmetry... READ MORE

Recommendation for doctors who do nanofat injections (grafting) in New York metro area?

Have dermal skin atrophy under eye (periorbital) and interested in nanofat for stem cell healing benefits to help regenerate dermal structure, but not... READ MORE

How long before stretching after corrective fat transfer to male chest?

Does stretching affect success of the take? I am 3.5 weeks post op from.this procedure. Also, would you know I'd stem cells are naturally occurring in... READ MORE

I want fat transfer to my hips but I am too skinny. Can adding stem cells from blood to fat cells create more fat cells?

I am very skinny, but want fat transfer to the hips, can you 'create' fatcells somehow? For instance by adding stemcells from blood to fatcells and... READ MORE

Brava or stem cells?

Pros and cons of each? Which is more effective? Do multiple sessions fat transfer cost more and if so by how much? READ MORE

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