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Is Fat Grafting for Skinny Legs (Calves, Shins, Ankles) a Reasonable Option? (photo)

Attached are my photos-I have extremely thin and skeletal legs, and i have a LOT of fat in my upper body. I have researched and found a doctor with... READ MORE

Can I do a fat transfer from more than one place in one surgery? How much will it cost? (photos)

Can I get fat from my abdominal, legs (thighs and calves) and lowee back transferred to my hips/butt and breasts? Is that too many places? I know that... READ MORE

I have really skinny legs. How can I make my legs bigger? Can I inject fat or get implants on them?

I am so ashamed of my legs they are way to skinny and i am embarrassed to wear shorts, skirts etc... And i am talking about the lower part of my legs... READ MORE

I am female with very skinny lower legs. Would calf implants or fat transfer help?

I am embarrassed by the look of my thin legs. I know fat transfer or implant is possible and would like to find out more about these procedures. Could... READ MORE

Can I still get a fat transfer to my face if I'm pretty skinny? (photo)

If I gain weight, say one size from 5-10 pds, and can no longer fit in my clothes will I be able to after the transfer since fat will be removed from... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to calves and ankles, how long should the whole process take?

Hi. I'm female and want to have fat grafting to my skinny calves and ankles to the medial aspect. It could be taken from my thigh, abdomen and flanks.... READ MORE

What can be done for these chicken legs? (photos)

I've alwats struggled with skinny legs that don't match my body. What can I do to make them fuller? Would fat grafting be effective? READ MORE

Treatment for Skinny Ankles? (photo)

Hi. I have always been very conscious of my very skinny ankles which are disproportionately smaller than my thighs and legs. I would love to have... READ MORE

What's the best way to get larger hips? I'm a skinny girl.

I've been wanting bigger hips for a while now because my shoulders are broad and my hips are non existent so I look like an inverted triangle. I am... READ MORE

Am I too skinny to get a fat transfer to butt?? (Photos)

I had liposuction a year ago on upper and lower abdomen, flanks, and waist. I lost 25 pounds. I weigh 118-120 and I am 5'5. Do I have enough fat to... READ MORE

Fat transfer or fillers. What is the criteria for each?

I have posted questions already. I would never get a facelift or neck lift, so I would like some alternatives besides these methods for more volume... READ MORE

I'm as skinny as a tooth pick. How can I get a fat transfer?

Im flat chested saggy nipples. cant gain weight. please help me READ MORE

Adding Fat To Legs. Any suggestions?

I have very skinny legs and would really really like to add some fat to them with out having to workout or eat a certain way. I'm looking for a fast... READ MORE

What is the best method of removing fat for a fat transfer on a very skinny person with no belly fat?

I am trying to find the best Dr who uses the best method to keep fat alive to be re-injected. I had a fat transfer 2 years ago to my face, the Dr... READ MORE

I'm 18,165 cm tall, and weigh 50 kg, but I have a skinny face. Is there a non surgical way to add volume?

I need a way to get some fat into my face no surgery maybe some medicines but i prefer not because i live in the middle east and it is kind of hard to... READ MORE

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