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Can Fat Transfer Change the Shape of the Face?

I had teeth removed by an orthodontist. It negatively changed my bone structure and soft tissues, making me look gaunt with sunken cheeks, loss of lip... READ MORE

Can I do a fat transfer from more than one place in one surgery? How much will it cost? (photos)

Can I get fat from my abdominal, legs (thighs and calves) and lowee back transferred to my hips/butt and breasts? Is that too many places? I know that... READ MORE

Fat Injections Instead of Fillers to Improve Nose Shape?

I had 2 Rhinoplasty surgeries. In revision, I used rib cartilage for nose tip. Those surgeries left some irregularities on my skin, on the side of the... READ MORE

Can I Have a Fat Transfer to my Nose?

Thanks to an IPL gone wrong, not only is my face now devoid of fat...but my nose is losing all shape and is devoid of a bulbous tip. Is there any... READ MORE

Fat Grafting to jawline? (Photo)

I got a chin surgery about a year ago. I never had a double chin before but after my chin surgery I can see me having a double chin. I think I have a... READ MORE

Jaw surgery? Sliding genioplasty? Or fat transfer? Unsymmetrical face.

I'm very unhappy with the shape of my face. My chin is very long and weak and I am unhappy with the lack of symmetry my face has. I see so many... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Fix my Butt? The Doc Was to Get Rid of the Pouches in Between but Just Got Bigger Butt? (photo)

Had fat transfer for lift and he tried to lypo the two areas out down below to form a more rounder butt, butt bad results. READ MORE

Would autologous fat transfer be sufficient or need actual buttock implants? (Photos)

I'm 6'0" tall, weigh 193 lbs. Have previously had TT (2007) and lipo to lower abd, lower back, hips and medial thighs (2011). I'm okay with my current... READ MORE

Too much fat into my face. Can I take it off? (Photo)

I had a fat transfer 5 weeks ago , and i really look horrible ! Nothing has changed since 2 weeks , i can t live like that i don t eat and sleep ,... READ MORE

Fat transfer, face lift, cheeks implant or fillers? (Photos)

I had fat lose and scaring from thermage/RF please see photos of before & after , on the after photos i have fillers to the cheeks and chin but... READ MORE

I weight 110 lbs & 5"2. I am looking forward to getting a better shape what's the best option for me?

If I was to gain a few pounds like 5 or 10lbs will it make a big difference for the fat transfer? That's what I am aiming for. I also read reviews... READ MORE

Considering Rhinoplasty, defined cheekbone-no filler-microlipo, buccal fat extraction (risks), how long does fat transfer last?

I d like to achieve more classic looking nose shape,so Id like to file down my dorsal hump as well as make the whole nose shorter(or just the tip of... READ MORE

Fat transfer to lower eyelid. Is it possible to remove the excess fat?

Months ago I had fat transferred to my lower eyelids using External Eyelid Incision. Now the eyelid shape (one of my eyes) looks different, like if I... READ MORE

Which procedures do you recommend to attain this body shape? Is there a way to make a box shape more of an hour glass? (photo)

I was thinking of getting fat grafting with removal on my back/sides/stomach to achieve this look but I'm not sure that's even the best way. READ MORE

Fat transfer can be a great choice for shaping my body? (Photo)

I have seen fat transfer producer. I am 26 year old a mother off 3 wonderful kids. But gotten 3 c-sections I find it difficult to get a slim stomach... READ MORE

Fat transfer to buttocks or implants? (Photo)

Could u please tell me if the shape of the buttocks in the picture has been created by fat transfer or implants. If it's implants then is it possible... READ MORE

Can fat grafting change the shape of your eye?

Or at least give the illusion of different shaped eyes? I would like my eyes to be more sensual looking. They are now round since radiofrequency (... READ MORE

What is the best way to improve my body shape?

I've found out that this dip hasn't got anything to do with my health. But I don't like the way it looks so I've tried to adjust my diet and do... READ MORE

Why do I look younger than my age?? (photos)

So here are the quetions: 1) why do i look younger than my age? i am turning 18 next month and still look 14, younger boys ask me out and not the ones... READ MORE

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