Scarring + Fat Transfer

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Best Way to Get Rid of Nasolabial Fold Lump from Fat Transfer? (photo)

I went to a board certified plastic surgeon for treatment of a traumatic facial wound. He said a "stem cell fat transfer" would prevent any scarring.... READ MORE

How Does Scarring from Fat Transfer Manifest?

I am six weeks post-op from a fat transfer to the upper cheeks and lower eyelid region. Now that most of the swelling has subsided, the... READ MORE

Procedures to Lessen the Appearance of a Skin Graft Scar (Donor Site)? (photo)

Hi. Several years ago I experienced an accident which necessitated skin grafts. The doctors took the grafts from my thighs, and ever since there has... READ MORE

My Hernia Scar in my Groin Area Looks Like a Birthmark After Love Handle Lipo Needed for Fat Transfer. Is This Normal? (photo)

I'm a male born with a birth defect causing indented chest. It was corrected via surgery when I was 20 and now I'm 49. I work out a lot but was not... READ MORE

Will the dimple scarring on fat grafting injection site fade in time? (Photo)

I had my second fat grafting to both cheeks about 5 weeks ago. After the swollen goes down, i noticed a dimple like scarring on one of the fat... READ MORE

How much would it cost to have fat transfer to my breasts and buttocks?

I really want to have bigger breast that look younger as far as my breast goes. How much scarring would I have? My butt is not all the way flat but I... READ MORE

Would fat grafting help 6 week old hypertrophic scarring? (Photo)

I've developed scarring around my eyes from laser resurfacing. Would fat grafting miminise the actual scar development? I've heard it can improve skin... READ MORE

Fat transfer for laser scarring. How long is a usual recovery from this procedure?

My ps suggested FT to my combination with other resurfacing help my face from the inside and outside. how long is a usual... READ MORE

Could i give my ftm boyfriend some of my stomac fat for his bottom surgery?

The thing is that im over weight and its almost all in my stomac. My boyfriend wants to get bottom surgery but he doesn't like the idea of a big scare... READ MORE

Can fat transfer correct scarring? (photos)

When I was an infant I was attacked by a dog. I am now in my thirty's and still have the scar on my face. I am looking into getting a slight facial... READ MORE

What's the thinnest layer of fat one can put in the face?

I am am all scar tissue so I am a difficult but u woukd love SOME fat in there. I actually have none ando have thereal burns and scarred blood vessels... READ MORE

Is there a specific bmi range you can be in to avoid a tummy tuck but still have enough fat to harvest for a fat transfer?

I am trying to avoid a tummy tuck as I scar easily and I heard it may affect childbirth and I have not had children yet. I am in the overweight bmi... READ MORE

Any doctors in NJ that perform Fat Transfer for scarring successfully?

I'm interested in getting this procedure done. Thanks READ MORE

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