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Fat Transfer for an Indented Scar?

I recently have had a Radiesse filler in my indented chicken pox scar but the filler has gone away in 2 months. I was wondering if a fat transfer was... READ MORE

Fat Tansfer to Fix Scars and Marks from Trauma?

I am having Fat Transfer next month. I am a 37 year old woman. I was kicked in the eye some years ago and you can see the boot mark in the right cheek... READ MORE

Fat Injection to Fix Atrophic Scar on Face Did Not Work Well, What Can I Do?

I have an unilateral atrophic scar on the face due to trauma years ago.I recently undergone liposuction in the ab area to graft fat for injection into... READ MORE

Is It Common to Have Scars After Fat Injections?

How common is it that the cannula used for facial fat grafting/injections leaves a scar? I know there are 10-20 points of injection commonly used for... READ MORE

Fat Transfer for Sunken Leg Scars?

I am a woman in my 30's and I'm sick of wearing pants in the summer. I have ugly sunken scars all over my legs. Last summer, I consulted a ... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Treat Facial Wound

My doctor treated a facial wound with a fat transfer about a month ago. My wound was 6 months old at the time, and had left scarring and discoloration... READ MORE

Is surgery the only way to get rid of large amount of fat necrosis or hematoma 9 months after surgery?I had fat transfer (Photo)

I first developed an oil cyst on my breast about size of a popped & drained for about a week. Now is a scar.Through this time I've had several... READ MORE

Fat transfer to even out liposuction scars?

The liposuction left the back of my legs and my inner tights with deep scars, I realize that doing more lipo would look worse, can I have a fat... READ MORE

I'm 31 yrs old, 5'4, and 114 lbs. I had fat transfer 4 months ago. How do I make my breasts bigger without implants? (photos)

I did nAtural fat transfer to breast 4 months ago, I did lost at least 40% . I do like my breast, they are fuller but still small, I am 5,4 114 lb... READ MORE

Fat transfer after buccal fat removal, which I regret, and jaw reduction. Will scars in mouth affect fat transfer?

I had buccal fat and jaw reduction 6 years ago. I like the jaw reduction, but regret the buccal fat removal. Due to the surgeries I have scars inside... READ MORE

Fat Transfer for Compound Fracture Scar?

I have a compound fracture scar to the inner part of my lower right leg from an accident which occurred when I was 11 (I am 28 years old). I've been... READ MORE

Fat Transfer After Filler Removal

I am having ArteFill removed and would like to get fat transfer for scars due to fat loss. Does exercise and health make a difference in results? Thanks. READ MORE

Body Fat Percentage for Fat Transfer or Grafting?

I am a female, 109 lbs, and 5'2. I have a body fat percentage of 20%. Is this enough fat to allow for fat transfer or grafting to some deep, wider... READ MORE

Can Fat Be Transferred to a Depressed Area Without Going Under General Anesthesia?

I had a buut fat transfer done . The Dr. lipo my hip too much and I specifically told him not to because I knew it would take away from my hour glass.... READ MORE

Scar After Fat Grafting in Cheeks

After my surgery, where the doctor injected fat into my cheeks, I have what looks like a scar where the fat was put in. My doctor says it will go... READ MORE

Fat Tranfer Augmentation Below the Chin?

I had to undergo maxillofacial surgery to reconstruct my lower right jaw which suffered a multi-fracture as a result of an RTA 5 months ago. My chin... READ MORE

Fat transfer for sunken scar on my face? (Photo)

Hi doctor 8 months ago i have buccual fat pad removal, i was I have a sunken scar on my cheek. what should i do? Fat transfer is good... READ MORE

Sunken scars after fat transfer - treatment to correct this?

Last August I had fat transferred to my upper II lines and nasolabian folds.Besides the fact that the areas are still red, as you can see in the photo... READ MORE

Fat transfer done Feb 15, when will the scars go away? How long will I have to wear garment? Will the pain meds help?

Im getting the fat transfer when will i be able to go to work? will pain meds help? when can i drive? will I be able to walk around? Im going to DR... READ MORE

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