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Fat Injections in the Buttocks

What do I need to know before I get fat injections in the buttocks? Is there a better or safer way to get a bigger butt? READ MORE

My Friend Claims She Had Fat from an Animal Injected into Her Butt - is That Possible?

She looks great... but i think she is lying to me, is that even possible, safe or even legal? by the way an R.N did it for her at her house READ MORE

Is Stored Fat Safe to Use for Fat Transfer?

I had fat removed from my thigh and injected into my face in March 2008. Some of it was stored and frozen. Is the frozen, stored fat safe to inject... READ MORE

How Much Does It Cost to Get Fat from Breast and Stomach Put in Your Butt and Is It Safe?

How Much Does It Cost to Get Fat from Breast and Stomach Put in Your Butt and is It Safe READ MORE

Fat Transfer and Liposuction on 4 Body Parts Safe?

Is it safe to have Liposuction at the same time? If so, please give an approximate range of cost, although I do know that this varies among patients. READ MORE

How soon after Fat Transfer (to the face) is it safe to use facial muscles again (to chew, talk, smile, etc.)?

Male, aged 36. I am thin, so I’ve had substantial volume loss. I want fat transferred to nasolabials, teartroughs, upper and lower cheeks, and a bit i... READ MORE

Is Fat Transfer Liposuction Safer Than Liposuction?

I want to know if getting a fat transfer liposuction from an area of the body (thighs, etc) to the face, is safer than just straight liposuction? If... READ MORE

Is Fat Transfer Surgery Safe and Worth It?

I'm considering fat transfer surgery to enhance my buttocks and minimize my stomach. I'm also thinking about having a breast lift as well. What are my... READ MORE

Can a 17 year old receive a fat transplant to create a smoother figure?

My daughter is 17 and will turn 18 in June. She has a dent between her hips and upper thighs, causing a invisible band look around her hips. She... READ MORE

Is Stem Cell Fat Graft more effective than PRP Fat Graft?

Hi doctors, I have just had fat graft mixed with PRP as I heard it is relatively safe as we are using autologous materials . More recently, I came... READ MORE

How Safe and Effective Are Fat Injections?

How long do fat injections last? Is it true that most of it could be absorbed by the body within weeks? Safety? Thanks! READ MORE

Safe to Have Laser Treatment After Fat Injection?

I'm in the middle of getting laser treatments under my eye to help with dark circles. My PS recommended a fat injection as well. However, is it safe... READ MORE

What is the Most Effective/safest Type of Lipo Method for Fat Transfer from Stomach, Flanks And/or Bra Area to Marionette Lines?

I am 51 and have heard negative stories about lipo and fat transfer. I heard there are different lipo methods. What is the most effective and safest... READ MORE

Is it safe to have fat transfer under the eyes?

I was wondering if fat is a good idea under the eyes. And how can lumps be avoided? READ MORE

Fat Transfer around the nose and chin area - how safe is it? (Photo)

I have lost a lot of fat on my cheeks , all around the mouth and the chin after radio frequency. This make my face look long and when i smile very odd... READ MORE

Are fat grafting injections safe and effective in very hollow temples when there is little fat/muscle?

Are fat graftimg injections likely to take in very hollow temples, without causing cosmetic and or vascular occulsions due to migration? READ MORE

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