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I Have Had Fat Grafts to My Cheeks 5 Months Ago. I'm Overstuffed and Uneven. What Can I Do?

Will microliposuction remove part of graft or is the grafted fat too fibrous to do liposuction evenly and not damage and intrude on rest of my face?.... READ MORE

Fat Injections into Front / Side of Thigh to Correct Liposuction Indentations

Had lipo twice in the thigh area and it looks like a bump/lumpy with cellulite deposits around it, making is like little indentures = cellulite. Had a... READ MORE

Unhappy With Chin Implants- Will Fat Transfer Change The Look?

I have had two different chin implants and it still doesn't look right? My doctor is not wanting to remove the implant to place another one. He... READ MORE

Is There Any Risk if I Redo the Fat Transfer from Tummy to Cheeks?

I had fat transfer 4 months ago, the result was great on the first one month & half,my face looked round in a beautiful way, then the fat started... READ MORE

Can I Change my Lips Shape Through Fat Graft?

Hi doctors. I had a lip reduction done last month and the result was very depressing. I can no longer stretch my lips, laugh out normally anymore. I... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Specialist in California to Correct A Previous Fat Transfer.

Hello I had chin lipo and one side of my jawline was overly done. I am looking for advice and a very qualified specialist in fat transfers on the west... READ MORE

Plastic Surgeon Who Removes Injected Fat from the Nose?

Do you know of any plastic surgeon who has removed injected fat from the nose? READ MORE

Once Someone Has Had a Facial Fat Transfer, Can It Be Revised with "Livefil"?

My facial fat transfer did not go well at all. I have lumps over my left eye (causing ptosis of the left eye), unevenness and a "bag" under... READ MORE

After Fat Transfer, Face Looks Too Big - Swelling?

I had fat grafting done on my face to remove acne scarring. My face looks very big, fat and not the same as before. I am very disappointed. My cheek... READ MORE

Will Fat Grafting Work After Two Cheek Implant Revisions?

Hi there, I had a porex implant of a certain type, and moved to a bigger size (also porex) as the first implant was subtle to say the least. The... READ MORE

I've paid over $8,000 to have mid face fat transfer. Can I get a refund? (Photo)

Surgeon recommended this procedure to get rid of the hollowness under my eyes, flatness. Dr did the procedure 4 months ago, but did nothing under my... READ MORE

Where to go from here (photo)

I had a full tummy tuck lipo of the flanks and fatt transferred to my butt in July 2013. I hate the outcome. My stomach is still fat and my butt is... READ MORE

Considering another facial fat grating. Is there an alternative to fat grafting and fillers? (Photo)

I had a facial fat grafting 2 years ago to cheeks and under eye area and had a touch up 6 moths after that .but the under eye area has gone very... READ MORE

Is it better to have a Fat Transfer at the same time as Neck Lift Revision surgery or separately?

Slim neck over-lipoed during first neck lift, now more loose excess skin than pre-op, and hollow-ish under jaw, upper neck. Consulted PSs propose... READ MORE

Worried about fat transfer to lips second time. Will it reduce in size second time around, or am I stuck with a fatter lip?

Feb 2015, I had fat transfer to my lips, this didn't take and was advised by my doctor that I would need another dose. I did on 2 July; however, When... READ MORE

Should fat transfer be the solution to revisions needed after my 2013 BA and lift? (Photo)

A wound appeared a few days after sutures were removed. This resulted in a year long healing process. I am so disappointed in the results. I'm going... READ MORE

I had outer thighs/hip fat transfer, how much fat will survive?

Had outer thighs/hip lipo last October which left a dip on each of my sides & looking square... dr did a revision & it looks a bit better, but now... READ MORE

Fat transfer for lip injections, what can I expect longevity wise on second round?

I had a fat transfer for lips about 4 months ago and the results lasted so nice for the first 2 months, and they are now slowly starting to lose... READ MORE

200lbs fat transfer with no results?

Why do I have enough fat and my doctor didn't give me good results I asked for fat transfer to hips and butt paid for three procedures over 20k and my... READ MORE

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