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Fat Transfer Removal From Cheeks And Jaw, is It Possible?

Hello, 41 year old male here that had fat transferred to cheeks and jaw area, I never liked the results but lived with it, however as I get older my... READ MORE

How to Reverse Fat Transfer Under Eyes?

7 weeks ago I had fat transferred under my eyes in conjunction with a mid face lift. I didn't have bags before, but do now. My ps suggested this would... READ MORE

Seeking dr to reverse excessive fat grafting on my cheeks. (Photo)

I had fat transfer six months ago. i have too much fat on my cheeks (upper and apple cheeks) and i want to remove it. i dont think it is a lot but... READ MORE

Can I reverse the fat grafting to my buttocks ?

I had liposuction done to my thighs nine months ago, and while I was under the Doctor decided to give me fat transfer to my buttocks because he... READ MORE

Can you I reverse fat grafting in my cheeks?

I had facial fat grafting 4 months ago & I'm very unhappy with the results. My face is too full & one side is bigger than the other. It looks like a... READ MORE

My prejowls are very full after fat transfer and it makes my chin look too wide. Is there any way to reverse this problem?

I have tried adding a little filler to the front of the chin to add definition but my chin to prejowl area still looks flattened out and too wide (and... READ MORE

Reversing a fat transfer. What can I do? (Photo)

I had fat grafting to the midface 3 mo. ago and I'm unhappy with the volume that was inserted. I received 9 CCs total to the midface area but my smile... READ MORE

1yr/6mths post fat transfer + V-line thread lifting - what can be done to reverse fat transfers?

I've read countless posts on how fat transfers to face are very difficult to reverse - other than the unpredictable results of steroid injections and... READ MORE

Nearly 4 weeks post fat transfer to lips, uneven results, how to reverse? (Photo)

Hi my lips are uneven after fat injection (2cc) / left side visibly bigger than the right. what to do ? Could this still be some swelling? but such... READ MORE

My cheeks look too long even now. Is there any possiblity of reversing the changes?

Hi doc..i am 10 days post op after facial fat cheeks still appear to be too long like chimpuk.i am really worried about this. I am not... READ MORE

Can fat transfer in the face be reversed with even, natural results?

I had fat transfer done in my cheek are about 15 years ago. After loosing and gaining the same 20 lbs. my cheeks when I smile are way to big and look... READ MORE

How many cc's do I need to get injected in my cheeks?

I had buccal fat removal, which I regret and now I'm willing to reverse it. My doctor said he can do a fat transfer to refill the buccal fat pads... READ MORE

Fat Transferred under an eye into the scar. (photos)

I had fat transferred under my eyelid in a place of a scar. I am really no happy how it looks and would like to know if the is anything I could do to... READ MORE

When can facial fat transfer be reversed?

I have had facial fat transfer ( from abdomen ) and do not like the results. How soon after op can I have this removed? READ MORE

I had liposculpture 3 months ago. Seems too much was taken from upper stomach. I hate it. Can a fat transfer reverse it? (Photo)

After 3 months of lipo I hate my stomach and not crazy about the body shape it gave me . I have irregularities on my stomach and the upper part is so... READ MORE

Reverse botched FT into cheeks and smile lines to improve asymmetry?

I am a 25 yo male. 4 years ago I dented underneath my eye squeezing blackheads. I had Restylane injected in the area 3 years ago, but it went above... READ MORE

Fat Transfer on Lips Swelling? (Photos)

I just had fat transferred on my lips recently on the 27th Aug and it has been 6 days now. I was told swelling will go away in a week time however my... READ MORE

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