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How to Reverse a Fat Transfer to Cheeks? (photo)

I had a fat transfer to my cheeks 9 months ago and regret it. It is uneven and makes me look gaunt. When I smile the unevenness is more noticeable.... READ MORE

Are Fat Grafts to the Face Reversible?

I had a fat graph procedure to my face about 1 1/2 months ago. I was very specific about what I wanted yet once the surgeon had me under full... READ MORE

What are Non Invasive Techniques to Remove Fat Transfer on Lips? (photo)

Ten years ago, I had a fat grafting job to enhance lips. Since then my mouth became my nightmare, it looks fake, uneven and swollen. I would rather... READ MORE

Reverse Fat Transfer to Temples? (photo)

I'm more than 2mos post op with fat-grafting. My temples still look far too large and make my eyes look small, I miss the contour I used to have there... READ MORE

Can Lip Fat Transfer Be Reversed?

I had a fat transfer to my upper lip about 9 years ago. The surgeon injected fat along the lip line and along the inner edge of the lip to give it... READ MORE

Best Procedure for Reversing Fat Grafting to the Cheeks?

I had fat grafting to my cheeks on May 22, 2010 and it looks pretty awful. I look like I have a chubby face. It has gone down since having this done,... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Pecs: Is There Anyway to Reverse This?

I am a male; I had this done during vaser surgery. I am not happy with the results and wish I never did this. Is there any way to revers these results? READ MORE

Can fat transfer be reversed?

I have had fat transfer in my face over a year ago now and I am still not happy with it. There is too much fat in my cheeks and in the bucal area... READ MORE

Is Fat Injection in Cheeks Reversible?

I had a fat injection surgery 7 weeks ago! MY cheeks has become over big and I hate the way I look! I want to go back EXACTLY to the way I was before!... READ MORE

Could I have a face fat transfer reversed? (Photo)

I had a face fat transfer in my cheeks twice, the first time most of it went away so i opted to do it again. its been over a year now and one side is... READ MORE

Fat transfer to face, reversal?? Help?!

Last week (Friday 13th) I had liposuction to my thighs and a fat transfer to my face. I requested to my surgeon for the fat to be injected in my... READ MORE

Can Excess Implanted Fat Be Reduced Through an Injection?

Is there any type of injections that can slightly reduce an excessive implanted fat in the forehead which stands as a cover to depression? Regards. READ MORE

Is it possible to reverse fat transfer to face?

A plastic surgeon i was dating about doing "liquid face lift". A procedure where only temp fillers and botox are injected to make the face look... READ MORE

Structural fat grafting - Is it more than a temporary filler? Would Artefill be a better option to reverse buccal fat removal?

There is no study that shows the transferred fat lasts a lifetime. I read that the U.C.L.A. in 2007 said there was no evidence of the cells surviving.... READ MORE

Can I reverse FT with 5FU or steroids? PS has been using fillers to even it out but I don't want to do that for forever (Photo)

I am a 25 yo male. 4 years ago I dented underneath my eye squeezing blackheads. I had Restylane injected in the area 3 years ago, but it went above... READ MORE

Will removing fat graft from forehead ease tension headaches?

I got a fat graft to my forehead about 8 months ago; it looks fine but unfortunately I get tension headaches around the part where it was grafted (I... READ MORE

Undo liposuction?

I asked questions B4 but now what I truely want is undo my lipo which I had over a year ago on thighs & stomach. I finally realized, my body was made... READ MORE

I had fat injected into my chin from my leg. Can it be reversed?

3 month ago , i did injection for my chin , use my own fat , and it's not good . now i want make it back , what's the way for that ? READ MORE

Can Macs lift be reversal?

Follwing problems after a fat transfer and macs lift it has been suggested my macs lift may need to be reversed. I wondered if this a a very rare and... READ MORE

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