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Do Fat Injections in Your Buttocks End Up Fading?

A doctors office told Me that fat injections end up fading and people nationwide are unsatisfied with fat injections because of this. I have also read... READ MORE

How Can I Increase the Take Rate for a Fat Transfer?

I recently had my third "touch up" for a fat transfer procedure where fat was injected into the tear trough areas under my eyes. In the... READ MORE

Fat or Hyaluronic Acid for Lips and Hollowness Around Eyes?

The photos I have seen of people with fat injected to the upper/lower eyelids and lips look great. Fat transfer seems to make the lips look naturally... READ MORE

Can my Lip Fat Transfer Be Removed or Reduced?

I had a lip fat transfer 6 months ago, which I regret. Apart from taking on an overstuffed appearance, there are lumps/individual deposits of fat... READ MORE

When is a Facial Fat Transfer Considered Successful?

 How Long Should I Wait After a Facial Fat Transfer to Consider That the Operation Succeeded? READ MORE

Fat Grafting to Buttocks - When Will Results be Evident?

Following fat graphing to buttocks and the swelling subsided, when will the full effect be evident? when does fat cells which were used to graph... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take After a Fat Transfer to Buttock to See Results?

I had a fat transfer done 2 weeks ago and Im starting to question my decision. I dont see much results from the transfer and I do have areas of... READ MORE

Surgical Correction of Puffy Eyes After Pearl Fat Grafting? (photo)

I had Pearl Fat Grafting for hollowness under both eye lids from a Blepharoplasty done 2 years ago. Now, 6 months after pearl grafts, still no change... READ MORE

Drooping After Fat Grafting on Hollow Upper Eyelid

I had fat grafting for hollow upper eyelid area in one eye, in July 2008. I know that some droopiness is expected following such procedure, but can it... READ MORE

Second Fat Transfer - Will This One Work?

This is my second fat transfer. With the first one I had a infection and all the fat came out leaving me with a lumpy butt in a some areas. With the... READ MORE

Technique Comparisons For Fat Transfer for Face (photo)

Besides expertise of doctor, importan: 1. how to harvest fat to have greatest number of live fat cells (stem cells. using new 'Body jet',... READ MORE

Subsicion and Fat Transfer on Acne Scars, What Results Should I Expect?

What results can I expect from this procedure on acne scars? I am having this done this week. READ MORE

Does Sleeping on One's Face/side Potentially Affect Fat Transfer Retention?

I have a tendency unfortunately of sleeping on my face. Can the pressure affect the fat, and if so, would it only affect it for a short time... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to See Final Results of Fat Grafting from Tummy to Medial Inner Thighs?

I got 150 cc fat transfer from my tummy to my left media inner thigh, how long it will take to see final results on this type a procedure??? Please... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Results and Touch-ups

How Long Do Fat Transfers to the Face last and Typically will the Physician do Touch Ups included in cost READ MORE

Is There Anything I Can Do to Help my Fat Transfer Procedure to "Take" Post Surgery?

Had fat transfer 2 weeks ago to inner thighs to correct bad lipo and wondered if there was anything I could do to help improve results and make the... READ MORE

Fat Transfer from Waist to Calf - No Results

Hello, about 4 month ago i have a surgery where the doctor remove fat from my waist and put in on my calf. But after 3 month my legs looks the same...... READ MORE

This is How Day 4 Should Look Like After Fat Transfer to the Eye? (photo)

Is 5.5 milliliters of noncentrifuged fat too much to inject per lower eyelid under the muscle? This is how I look after exactly 4 full days from the... READ MORE

Timeline for Fat Grafting to "Take?"

Hello, I understand that it takes a period of time for the fat grafting to "take" and have blood vessels attach to it. Is that timeline... READ MORE

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