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What Should I Expect During Recovery from Facial Fat Grafting?

I'm considering facial fat grafting, but I work with the public and can only take off one week from work. I bruise REALLY easily. What can I expect?... READ MORE

Fat Transfer: How Long is the Recovery Period?

I am planning to have a fat transfer on May 20, 2001. I am 55 yrs old woman looking forward to have this procedures. I have a consultation appointment... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Buttocks and Breasts at the Same Time Possible?

I've heard that after Fat Transfer to the butt you can't sit for a month. Is this true? I have a desk job (sitting most of the day) and can't take a... READ MORE

How Long for Swelling to Dissipate After Fat Transfer to Lips?

What is the longest it can take for swelling to go away after fat grafting in lips? READ MORE

What is the Recovery Timeline for Fat Transfer for Cheek and Eye Hollows?

54 year old female, thin skin. Small frame and my face has hollowed. I have high check bones. Looking to do check and under eye hollow area. Will I... READ MORE

Breast Fat Transfer

I had my first fat transfer to the breasts 2 weeks ago. Is it normal for the breasts to feel tight and lumpy at this point. Do the breasts eventually... READ MORE

Drooping After Fat Grafting on Hollow Upper Eyelid

I had fat grafting for hollow upper eyelid area in one eye, in July 2008. I know that some droopiness is expected following such procedure, but can it... READ MORE

Structural Fat Grafting for Lipoatrophy?

Is structural Fat grating a better solution for someone suffering from Lipoatrophy than temporary solutions like Sculptra or Radiesse? I read a... READ MORE

Fat Grafts and Hardened Mass During Recovery

Two weeks ago I had fat grafts to correct irregular jaw line on one side of my face. In that time the area I had surgery on feels like it hardend into... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Treat Facial Wound

My doctor treated a facial wound with a fat transfer about a month ago. My wound was 6 months old at the time, and had left scarring and discoloration... READ MORE

Considering Fat Injection

How long does it take to look a bit normal after a fat injection in the face (under the cheeks), in a way that people won't notice it READ MORE

When is It Safe to Go Back to Normal Sitting After Fat Grafting to the Buttock?

When is It Safe to Go Back to Normal Sitting After Fat Grafting to the Buttock. For an Hour or More READ MORE

2 weeks post op of Fat Transfer, is it normal to see my face totally recovered from swelling and the fat almost 80% absorbed?

I had a fat transfer in my cheeks and nasolabial folds two weeks ago and I look pretty much the same as before. It seems the fat didnt survive,... READ MORE

How Long Will Recovery for Fat Transfer?

I'm a hairstylist who can take very little time off work, I stand long hours. But I desire to have a flatter stomach and a nice shapely butt. Is... READ MORE

Fat grafting with implants?

I recently had breast implants and for whatever reason, my results are noticeably smaller than the sizers I tried in the office pre-surgery. My PS has... READ MORE

I am having fat grafting to the lines around my mouth. What limitations are there in recovery?

One concern is that I have asthma and use inhalers daily. I'm sure years of using inhalers caused most of these "smoker" lines, even though I never... READ MORE

Recovery after fat transfer to calf? (Photo)

I have dents and lumps following liposuction on my calves and ankles in October last year. I am now looking at fat transfer to correct this in 1 leg.... READ MORE

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