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Options for Reducing Under Eye Puffiness from Pearl Fat Grafting?

I had Pearl Fat Grafting to correct hollowness after lower Blepharoplasty. However, the area became puffy after the fat grafting. It has been 3 months... READ MORE

Lump Under Eye Though No Fat Was Supposed to Be Put There? (photo)

I have had a lump right under my right eye since the very day I got my fat transfer in June of 2012 (8 months ago), so I know it's not scar tissue. It... READ MORE

Had facial fat transfer 3 days ago. My cheeks are way too big & my upper lip area (between my lip and nose) is puffy. (Photo)

I did not have fat injected into my lips so I'm thinking that the puffiness is coming from the fat graphs to the nasolabial folds. My face is... READ MORE

Can 5-fu injections work to reduce the amount of fat/puffiness in the face after 2.5 yr old fat transfer? What are the risks?

Had fat transfer to cheek area 2.5 yrs ago. I wanted to achieve more defined cheek bones. But the doctor did too much & too wide of an area, now my... READ MORE

49 and had fat transfer to cheeks and brow lift. After 3 yrs I avoid smiling. Puffiness makes winkling effect much worse.(Photo)

I have ridges of fat you can see and feel sitting on my cheek bones extending to my nose. It creates shadows. My left eye has a deposit of fat sits... READ MORE

How can I reduce puffiness after fat transfer. Has too much fat been transferred? (Photos)

I had under eye fat transfer 3 months ago. I now have a malar bag (I think) under one eye. I didn't have it before. I have put a cortisone cream on it... READ MORE

I have previously had fat injections in my cheeks and now that I am in my early 50s my jowls and cheeks look puffy and bulbous.

I am told my only option is a lower Jowl lift but I'm not ready for such an invasive procedure. What are my options? READ MORE

Looking into fat grafting for under eye dark circles and to plump up cheeks and remove wrinkles. Any suggestions? (photo)

My cheeks have a low profile so from the side I feel like I'm flat faced. I also have had these aweful looking bags under my eyes that won't go away... READ MORE

Fat graft excision. I ended up with a lump under my eyes and puffiness everywhere in my face.

I had fat graft two months ago to lower cheeks, nasolobian lines & middle cheeks! I ended up with a lump under my eys & puffiness everywhere in my... READ MORE

9yrs ago I had fat transferred to my face. What a disaster! Can I get rid of the fat transfer into my cheeks & jawline? (photo)

9 yrs ago I had fat transferred into my cheek and jawline after my surgeon convinced me to do so while planning my butt fat transfer/ liposuction... READ MORE

Terrible fat graft to lips. When will my fat grafting to lips subside? (Photo)

Today I am 6 weeks post op from fat injections to my lips. The doctor placed 4 cc in my top lip and 3 cc in my bottom. Can you please tell me... READ MORE

5 days post op, I have distorted face with lumps after Fat Grafting. Considering revision. Any suggestions? (photos)

5th day post fat grafting the face looks distorted with: 1) Swollen lump and bruise under right side of lower lip 2) Lump on the lower left corner of... READ MORE

Lumps under one eye after fat transfer & still puffy under other

I had a lift & fat transfer done a month ago. My one eye has a couple lumps under it & the other is still puffy. Is this normal for a month later or... READ MORE

Eye fat grafts lumpy and swollen after 6 weeks. Can this be fixed if they don't soften and flatten out?

I got fat grafts in my upper lids six weeks ago and they are lumpy and still puffy, despite two courses of Prednisone. Will they ever soften up and... READ MORE

Would it work remove lumps safely by excision? (photos)

Fat graft into nasolobian,smile lines & bottom cheeks resulted in lumps that give puffiness to surrounding face parts.One surgeon told me its safer to... READ MORE

Face tightening? Fat transfer? What's best for a 25 yr old who does not want a face lift but needs facial fat transfer? (photo)

Due to extreme weight loss I find my face has changed a lot. huge puffy bags, frown lines, neck fat. If you look at the right side of my nostril, it... READ MORE

What can be done to fix chipmunk cheeks after too much fat transfer?

In April 2015 had lower facelift, lower eye bleph and fat transfer into cheeks. Now I have puffy, saggy bags on my lower face, as if the fat actually... READ MORE

How long until you see final results with under eye fat transfer?

I just got facial fat transfer 8 days ago and the majority of swelling is gone way down in my entire face but my eyes are puffy underneath. And I know... READ MORE

Fat grafting to the lips - when will they look normal?

Hello. I had Fat grafting to the lips and face two weeks ago. Feeling fine & I'm starting to see me in the mirror. Lips are still quite puffy &... READ MORE

Cheek Lift and Aspiration of Silicone and Fat Options?

I'm a 37 year old woman who had fat transfer to my cheeks around 10 years ago and (maybe silicone injections). I'm not 100% sure i had silicone... READ MORE

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