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What is Viafill Fat Injection?

Is it the same as fat grafting? And is that the same as spinning the fat before injecting? I'm still not quite getting it. Thanks READ MORE

Structural Fat Grafting for Lipoatrophy?

Is structural Fat grating a better solution for someone suffering from Lipoatrophy than temporary solutions like Sculptra or Radiesse? I read a... READ MORE

What procedures would you suggest to gain volume in under eyes & cheeks, & lose fat in lower mid cheeks?

I am 28 year old male and I want more volume to undereye area and higher cheek bones/volume.I also have too much fat in the lower midcheek area.I am... READ MORE

Is a facial fat transfer done differently for people who get the procedure for cosmetic reasons vs getting it bc of a disease?

I have linear morphea so I am more concerned than if I were just getting a fat transfer for cosmetic reasons. I know this condition is uncommon, but... READ MORE

Follow-up question about fat transfer

Hi. You recently answered a question of mine and referred to patent #2. Her results are amazing! My question far out is she in her before and... READ MORE

Is there a procedure to have fat just injected in my hips? (Photo)

I have a pretty firm butt that fit my body, I don't have much fat I work out regularly. I'm pretty happy with my body other than the lack of volume in... READ MORE

Best specialist/facial plastic surgeon for facial fat grafting?

I have been looking into facial fat grafting for sometime now, but am having a hard time finding a doctor who specializes in the procedure. Who is the... READ MORE

Can you get a breast reduction and fat transfer at the same time?

I qualify for insurance to cover a breast reduction procedure. Could I also get a fat transfer at the same time? READ MORE

Is fat grafting considered as a non-surgical procedure?

1. is fat grafting is considered as a non-surgical procedure READ MORE

Does anyone know doctors in the LA area who they would recommend for this procedure?

I am looking into fat grafting in my eye hollow area but am having mixed feelings about the procedure itself , so many negative comments about it, READ MORE

How is far graft done?

Hi doctors, I had lipo near my jawline and now experiencing minor fat loss near my chin. I now need fat graft to fill in the depression. How is this... READ MORE

I got really bony knees and i hate it. Is there any procedure that can take care of that?

I got really bony knees and i hate it such that i can't wear short skirt or dresses cause i'm so insecure ! Is there any procedure that can take care... READ MORE

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