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How Much Does Fat Injection Cost?

How much do fat injections typically cost for face treatments? READ MORE

How Much Does Fat Transfer Cost for the Face?

I have sunken in eyes and have lost the fat under my eye area only, and woundering how much does it cost for fat transfer? READ MORE

Cost of Fat Transfer Procedure?

What is the usual cost range for fat transfer... thank you! READ MORE

Lower Cost for Butt Fat Grafting to Stop PMMA

Hi i know a girl that got her butt done underground with many woman are dieing why not lower the cost of the fat grafting.. READ MORE

Is the Fat Being Transfered to the Butt the Same As the Brazillian Butt Lift?

Is the Fat Being Transfered to the Butt the Same As the Brazillian Butt Lift? if So Y is There a Price Difference if You Mention READ MORE

What would it cost to fill my hip dips in northern California? (photos)

These photos are really close to my body type. I am 5'3" and 120lb. I have some extra fat that could be taken from my love handles and arms. I don't... READ MORE

Fat injection prices?

Okay so I'm 4'11 and about 100 pounds, I kind of do have a stomach though, it's not (barely) flat unless I suck in. How much would it cost to get the... READ MORE

Fat transfers: Can all this be done at the same time, what are the prices and recovery time estimated? (photos)

My plan is to have fat transfers from various places ( if possible ). The areas that I want fat removed from are : the arms, chin/neck, muffin top and... READ MORE

Fat transfer to buttock?

Hello I'm 23 I had a baby 6 months ago and I wanted a fat transfer from my stomach to my buttock I don't have a lot of fat just a pouch and some love... READ MORE

Out of options? Dr. Simon the only that does permanent fillers for curves? Need more fat but have none! 0-10k (Photo)

I got a bbl,using tummy,flanks and all back fat(skinny arms but didn't want to touch thighs so it looked portion)the first Doctor wasnt experienced... READ MORE

I'm interested in adding volume to my face so I can get width and projection. My face looks tired and boney/skinny (Photo)

I am 26 years old. I revently found my dentist on here and he did a great job with my teeth, but now there is something totally different that I want... READ MORE

Fat grafting in tear trough: Price range, procedure length, down time, etc? I just turned twenty and I'm done waiting.

I have been trying to find the right treatment to correct my genetic tear troughs for many years now. Fat grafting seems to be my best option... READ MORE

Touch up procedure.

Hi, i recently had a bbl done and fat removal in my arms, back and transfer to my butt and breast, even though I'm happy with my results (4 months) my... READ MORE

I'm 5'5 weighing 190, I would like to do a fat transfer of my stomach fat to my buttocks. Am I to over weight do surgery? (Photo

I would like to the price ranges ? How long after surgery can I go back to work ? How much fat can get transfer to my buttock ? I want to fall in love... READ MORE

Fat injection under eyes? I'm 25. (photo)

I have Hereditary under eye bags. My surgeon first suggested restlin? Then a nurse told me the fat injection would be better and I could get it done... READ MORE

Fat transfer for under eye hollows?

I'm looking for a permanent solution for my undereyes and heard of a procedure called Structural Fat Grafting for Under Eyes and I am wondering if... READ MORE

Will a note from a doctor help with price of surgery?

I've lost a lot of weight but not in my stomach My belly fat causes A LOT of pain in my legs. It's damn excruciating sometimes My Chirocaptor says he... READ MORE

I want to get my hips done. Maybe fat transfer? (Photo)

I want to get my hips done my problem is im small frame weight about 125 Im 5'6 I just had a baby so my stomach and back have a lot rolls that I wanna... READ MORE

Interested in fat transfer to the buttocks and breast at the same time.

Im interested in fat transfer to the buttocks and breast. Can they be done at the same time? im 5.8 and 136 lbs. How much i should gain in order this... READ MORE

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