Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) + Fat Transfer

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Does Adding Platelet Rich Plasma to Harvested Fat for Fat Transfer Work?

Is it an effective way to add fat for procedures such as BBL? READ MORE

Is It True That Plated Rich Plasma Make the Fat Cells Survive Up to 90 %?

I read some dr used prp in fat transfer ( The fat that has PRP added is called “SmartFat”. SmartFat can be thought of as sending... READ MORE

What is the Difference Between Centrifuged Fat vs. Fat Mixed with PRP?

What is the difference between centrifuged fat vs fat mixed with PRP (platelet rich plasma). Is it true the latter decreases risk of fat embolism?... READ MORE

Which treatment would be most effective for deep acne scars? Autologous fat transfer or Platelet Rich Plasma injection? (Photo)

I have already undergone the 'dermaroller' and 'full ablative' laser treatments in the past 5 years. I've been advised to go in for the an autologous... READ MORE

I have post-op questions after PRP with fat transfer to my face; under eyes & cheeks. (Photos)

It's been thirteen days & my jaw line is not at all visible. Please let me know if the fat transfer to cheeks especially the areas marked... READ MORE

Upper Eye Lid Drooping Post Surgery?

I had PRP fat graft 9 days ago for lower eye lid retraction post plephroplasty Surprising my lower eye lid retraction is corrected but I have new... READ MORE

Nano fat transfer to tear trough area with PRP to reduce dark circles? (Photo)

Good day is it ok for a dr to overfill when doing a NANO FAT TRANSFER ?.. WHATS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN NANO AND NORMAL FAT TRANSFER? which is better... READ MORE

Does fat graft (with pro) have the better ability to "lift" the cheeks than artificial fillers?

I'm thinking of PRP fat graft to cheeks ( 46 aged and volume loss). Had fat graft (no PRP) 10 years ago it got completely absorbed very quickly, but I... READ MORE

What's the best procedure for under-eye area? (Photo)

I'm considering fat transfer. I've had PRP with no improvement. What do you suggest? READ MORE

How much does fat grafting to the upper lids cost? Will PRP added help survival?

My lids are radiation burned, so I am trying to vascularize them the best I can. The skin is dead inside, but still there for now, but shrinking. Will... READ MORE

Fat transfer with PRP?

I'm going in for my second fat transfer to face. I asked the doctor to treat my pitted scars. He said he would do a nano fat transfer, that will... READ MORE

Is fractional CO2 laser + PRP treatment safe few days after fat transfer?

I had fat transferred to my cheeks 20 days ago to improve the appearance of sunken cheeks. I also have mild acne scarring. Is it safe to have... READ MORE

Pain in breast 4 weeks post breast fat transfer with PRP. Is it normal?

I've had no pain and very little tenderness from day 1 until now. 5 days ago, someone squeezed my breast, which was the first pressure on my breasts.... READ MORE

PRP Forehead fat graft indentations very visible? Top up just those areas?

PRP fat graft 5.5 mos ago on the forehead.Post op day 1 noticed one long vertical indentation very visible in most lighting. There is a lack of fat... READ MORE

Can a facial fat transfer help build blood vessels?

I have a lot of scar tissue and narrow scarred blood vessels which hased to scarring. I need blood vessels in my face. Does fat help build them? Prp ?... READ MORE

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