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Fat Transfer for Permanent Lip Enlargement?

Is it possible to enlarge or augment the lips permanently though fat transfer? Some people have mentioned that once the fat cells die, the will lips... READ MORE

Are Fat Injections in Lips Really Permanent?

I've tried popular fillers in the past but they only last for 1 month. I'm looking for something permenant but not an implant. I've read... READ MORE

Are Fat Injections Permanent?

I have a depressed scar on my cheek. It is a round circular scar. A plastic surgeon recommended Fat Injection. I want to know if Fat Injections are... READ MORE

Filling out my Thin Face - Should I Get Fat Transfer or Implants?

I would like to fill out several areas of my face permanently. Fat transfer sounds most natural to me, but I've heard that only about 50% of the... READ MORE

Is Fat Injection in the Labia Majora Permanent?

Is fat injection in the labia majora permanent? Does it have a long recovery time (no sex, sitting)? Any major risks? READ MORE

How Long Does Fat Grafting Last? Many people say fat grafting on the upper eyelid only last for 2-3 years .

Many people say fat grafting on the upper eyelid only last for 2-3 years and many doctors say it is permanent. i understand that if there's no blood... READ MORE

How to Get Permanent Fat Transfer Result on Buttocks?

How long will a Fat Transfer from my abdomen to my buttocks last and how many repeats will I need to get a permanent outcome? READ MORE

Fat Transfer for Long Term Results?

I am interested in fat transfer in between my nose and mouth and below my cheekbones jawline area. Will fat stay permanent or last for a long time in... READ MORE

Fat Transfer/Grafting to Hips- What Are The Options?

Nice butt w/ no hips, apple. Considering fat transfer from my love handles & back to my hips and partial areas of my butt. No drastic changes, as... READ MORE

Is Fat Transfer Permanent?

I lost of the fat in my uppper cheeks. Not quite sure how or why it happened but it was after my Rhinoplasty. I want a permanent solution to fix this.... READ MORE

How Does Fat Transfer Compare to Juvederm/Radiesse? Are Fat Injections Permanent?

I have an upcoming TT/lipo of thighs scheduled. I have been getting Juvederm injections around nasolabial folds for almost two years and had Radiesse... READ MORE

Approx. 50% of Fat Survives when Fat Grafting but What's the Time Frame for This to Happen?

The reason I'd like to know is because I had fat grafted to an indent after lipo to my flanks/lower back and I hate what I see. The fat grafted... READ MORE

Permanent Lumpiness After Autologous Fat Injection?

I am getting a face lift in December. The surgeon recommended autologous fat injections for nasolabial lines. I mentioned this to my dermatologist who... READ MORE

Permanent, Non-surgical Treatment for Fat Transfer Overfill Under Eyes?

Nine years ago I had fat transfer multiple times under eyes. Initially it was to fill in the sunken look (and was overfilled)and then to correct the... READ MORE

Fat Injections - Can It Be Permanent?

Hi! I`ve heard alot about fat injections, but im still very confused! If you get fat injections under your eyes or in labia majora, is that permanent?... READ MORE

Do Fat Injections Work As a Facelift?

I am a 48 year old woman and I am starting to get the droop on my cheeks. I do not wish to have surgery. I have had Scuptra, Juverderm and Radiesse... READ MORE

Under Eye Hard Lump 10 Days After Cheek and Under Eye Fat Transfer with a Bruise Underneath, is It Permanent?

I had fat grafting to my under eye and cheek area as I was suffering from eye bulging and flat cheeks. I am 10 days post op, right side of my face... READ MORE

Is Fat Transfer from Tummy to Legs Permanent?

Can fat transfer from tummy to legs give me a permanent or temporary result? Also, I need to ask if this surgery would give good results. READ MORE

Fat Injections over Aquamid?

I had Aquamid injection 2 years ago for smile lines. I had no complicaiton so far but regret the injection as I was not properly informed it was a... READ MORE

Predictability/longevity of dermal fat graft vs Fat Transfer for permanent Lip Augmentation? (photos)

Considering permanent lip augmentation. I love the sound of a fat graft, and would like to find a PS in CA who does this. However, most Dr's appear to... READ MORE

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