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How Long Will Fat Transfer to Pecs Last?

I am a male who had a fat transfer to my pecs which I'm not satisfied with. I heard that these results are not permenant and after a period of... READ MORE

About How Much Would It Cost to Have a Fat Transfer to One of my Pecs Alone? How Much with Areola Reduction Surgery? (photo)

About a year ago i had liposuction on my chest along with gyecomastia removed(glandular tissue). for the most part i am happy with the results but... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Pecs: Is There Anyway to Reverse This?

I am a male; I had this done during vaser surgery. I am not happy with the results and wish I never did this. Is there any way to revers these results? READ MORE

Does Fat Transfer / Fat Grafting to Male Pectoral Muscles show good aesthetic results and feel normal to touch?

I am considering getting fat transfer to my pectoral muscles. I am keen to receive answers from cosmetic surgeons and any patients who have had the... READ MORE

Is fat grafting appropriate for underdeveloped right pectoral muscle? (Photos)

My right pectoral muscle is roughly half the size of the left. I believe it is due to Poland's syndrome. I've looked into pec implants and have ruled... READ MORE

How soon can I resume weight lifting after fat transfer to pectoral muscles?

I had fat transfer to my chest to correct some areas that were over-correct by liposuction for gynecomastia. How many weeks after fat transfer to the... READ MORE

Do you have An answer to lack of pectoral muscle due to polands syndrome in a female

I have had the latissimus dorsii swing but am still left left with a large indent to the right side of my chest. I do not have any body fat for fat... READ MORE

Fat grafts / injections viable to correct craters from overly aggressive liposuction of gynecomastia?

From my research, it seems like fat injections to correct over-liposuctioned fat from the pecs has a high complication rate. Seems like doctors say... READ MORE

Fat transfer or injections to pecs?

Had gyno removed 5 years ago, one side has a bad crater now . was wondering is there are any nj ny ct dr with a lot of experience with these. is there... READ MORE

What is the cost of pectoral fat transfer with scar tissue release?

Bilateral Pectoral fat transfer and scar tissue release. Fat being transferred from lower back region. What is the cost? I'm looking to have that done... READ MORE

Looking for doctor with experience in fat transfers to pec for volume and crater correction.

I am looking for a dr with experiance in fat transfer to pectoral to fix the crater deformity. This surgery i had destroyed the curve of my chest and... READ MORE

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