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Two Weeks Post Op Fat Transfer to Face and Lips- When Will Swelling Go Down? (photo)

The Dr. (who I love & did great work before) also performed a neck and mid face lift. Please tell me my face & lips are still swollen! Would... READ MORE

Facial Swelling and Bruising After Fat Transfer to Cheeks, When Will it go Down?

I'm 5 days post from a fat transfer to cheeks. I'm incredibly swollen. bruising is moderate but my face is so distorted like Im cat woman. Had... READ MORE

Put on 8 Pounds of Fluid After Lipo & Fat Transfer. Is This Normal?

Eight days ago, I had Lipo to inner things, tummy, and arms, PLUS fat transfer to hips. I went in to the procedure weighing a steady 127 pounds... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Under Eyes

Hello! Three month ago I had fat transfer for hallow under eyes. And I want to know if it's normal that the fat is hard when I touch it? And... READ MORE

2 Weeks Post Fat Graft: Should I Be Worried About Uneven Cheeks?

It has been 2 weeks since my cheeks have been fat grafted and I still look like two different people on each side. I have been hiding one side with my... READ MORE

I Am 7 Weeks After my Full Face Fatgrafting and the Fat is Almost All Gone is This Normal?

I Am 7 Weeks After my Full Face Fatgrafting and the Fat is Almost All Gone is This Normal? READ MORE

Is it Normal to have Tightness, Fat Clumps, Numbness and Tingling after Fat Transfer to Face?

I have fat transfer to my cheek bones, jawline, upper & lower lipps last week May 13th. My face feel frozen, my lips hardened like gummy bears... READ MORE

2 Months Post Far Transfer to Butt and Still Have Pain?

I had lipos with fat transfer to butt about 2 months ago now and my but is still experiencing pain , dull achy.. and today my butt looks bigger than... READ MORE

How Much Swelling is Normal After Buttocks Fat Grafting?

I had buttocks fat grafting performed 10 days ago, with breast aug, large volume lipo to arms, abs, flanks, innner, outer thighes and knees. How much... READ MORE

Unhappy With Chin Implants- Will Fat Transfer Change The Look?

I have had two different chin implants and it still doesn't look right? My doctor is not wanting to remove the implant to place another one. He... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Buttocks and Looks Flat?

I recently receives 1050 cc's fat transfer to my butt about 9 days ago. The doctor explained that when he was injecting the fat, my skin was so... READ MORE

Considering Fat Injection

How long does it take to look a bit normal after a fat injection in the face (under the cheeks), in a way that people won't notice it READ MORE

This is How Day 4 Should Look Like After Fat Transfer to the Eye? (photo)

Is 5.5 milliliters of noncentrifuged fat too much to inject per lower eyelid under the muscle? This is how I look after exactly 4 full days from the... READ MORE

My butt feels hard on the side post-fat transfer. Is this normal?

I had fat transfer to my butt and calves. The butt is feeling hard on the side is that normal? My ankles are swelling but I am not standing or sitting... READ MORE

How Long Will It Take for Fat Injection to Heal?

I had a chin implant and there are dents on the side of my chin. My doctor wants to provide me with fat injections. Is this normal procedure? How long... READ MORE

Fat Injections to the Hollows Under Eyes Are Clearly Visible

I know I'm probably over reacting, but I had this procdure done one week ago. All the swelling, and bruising is almost gone, but, I can "clearly see"... READ MORE

Burning Skin Sensation After Lipo and Fat Grafting

My Friend Had Fat Grafting, and Lipo Done About 5 Days Ago. Is burning skin sensation normal after lipo and fat grafting. It's really sensation to... READ MORE

How long should bruising after facial fat transfer to the tear troughs last?

It's been almost 3 months (March 11th will be 3 months) since I have done my facial fat transfer (cheeks, temples, tear troughs and lateral brow) and... READ MORE

Swelling Following Fat Transfer - Abnormal?

I had fat transfer to the the area beneath my cheekbones in lower part of my face that had become more hollow with age. It's been three days now and... READ MORE

Fats Deposits on Forehead Complication?

I had forehead lipofilling done 4 days ago for my narrow forehead(fats from lower abdomen). After the surgery, there is unevenness at both sides (left... READ MORE

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