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Can Fillers or Fat Be Injected into the Neck or Ankles?

I am a thin (5'3", 115 lb.) I'm 39 year old woman. I've always had bony ankles, and even though my weight has not changed in ten years, my neck... READ MORE

Fat Transfer for a Slim Neck?

I am considering Fat transfer for my neck area as I have a very slim neck. The bands show easily and have a few lines. Is it generally a good solution... READ MORE

Fat Grafting for a Complicated Liposuction Defect On Chin/Neck? Recommendations? (photo)

Can anyone recommend a surgeon who is highly skilled in fat grafting for complicated issues? I had laser lipo under my chin and the results are not... READ MORE

Is Dermal Fat Grafting a Viable Option for a Cobra Neck Deformity?

Are dermal fat grafts more likely to correct a central neck deformity than fat injections? I have seen 2 good results from this procedure? I realize... READ MORE

What is the likely hood of fat surviving in the neck Fat Grafting?

What is the likely hood of fat surviving in the neck? I had too much fat removed and it has caused my neck to look bad. I've been told I need fat... READ MORE

Can I Do the Fat Transfer Procedure to Horizontal Neck Folds and Above the Collarbone? (photo)

I am in my mid twenties and no matter how much I gain or lose weight my neck is so skinny.. I have a hard time with good posture bc I hate showing my... READ MORE

Neck Fat Removal Plus Fat Chin Injection?

Hi there, I m a 31 years old french guy and I had a fat neck removal on last monday plus a fat transfert to my chin. My plastic Surgeon told me he got... READ MORE

Can I have opinions on fat graft techniques for neck and face?

After poor neck lift, several PSs suggest fat graft to neck (and face). They propose small criss-cross injections to neck, but say it's still seldom... READ MORE

I Have Parallel Lines on my Neck Which Give my Age Away?

My neck is skinny (lost all volume) and shows my age. I don't have double chin sagging or extra skin or folds. I know i don't need a face lift or neck... READ MORE

What Fat Transfer techniques can be used after to much neck lipo?

Neck lift several mths ago, after discovered that neck and side of face lipo-ed. Neck glands now exposed, platysma unmasked,skinny old looking neck.... READ MORE

Treatment of hard nodule after fat transfer to neck.

I had a fat transfer (FT) procedure done 1.5 weeks ago to fill in a concavity in my upper neck because of too much liposuction done to that area.... READ MORE

What would make the biggest impact? (Photo)

I am 54. Trying to be objective, I think I could use: 1. a neck or s lift, and fat transfer to my face 2. use a lip lift and 3. possibly a small chin... READ MORE

Is there a way to partially reverse liposuction done under chin and neck area and replace lost fat?

Not having an incorrectly placed Chin implant corrected/removed for such a long period of time resulted in significant asymmetry to my face... READ MORE

Fat transfer or fillers. What is the criteria for each?

I have posted questions already. I would never get a facelift or neck lift, so I would like some alternatives besides these methods for more volume... READ MORE

What can I do to fix my neck? Should I try fat transfer or stick with fillers? Should I have worn compression/support? (Photo)

13 mos ago Fat Transfer w/Macs Lift for sagging neck w/bc ps. Didn't work, 6 mos later he repeated both, cut my platysma bands. Told not to wear... READ MORE

Are fat transfers good for marionette lines and droopy neck area?

How effective are fat transfer for marionette lines and if the procedure doesn't turn out to your expectations what can be done, if anything to change... READ MORE

Face tightening? Fat transfer? What's best for a 25 yr old who does not want a face lift but needs facial fat transfer? (photo)

Due to extreme weight loss I find my face has changed a lot. huge puffy bags, frown lines, neck fat. If you look at the right side of my nostril, it... READ MORE

Any non invasive procedure that can solve some loose skin on the neck and fat transfer to face?

I can only have 7 to 10 days of from work and would like to look natural not "done". Thanks READ MORE

Which should be done first: Fat transfer or platysmaplasty?

I need to have both fat transfer and revision platysmaplasty done to fix a concavity in my upper central neck that occurred following FL/NL done over... READ MORE

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