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Fat Transfer/Grafting to Hips- What Are The Options?

Nice butt w/ no hips, apple. Considering fat transfer from my love handles & back to my hips and partial areas of my butt. No drastic changes, as... READ MORE

Fat transfer or cheek implants to widen a face? (Photos)

Hi! I would like to widen my face with a squarish, not rounded, natural look. I was suggested cheek implants since I have no cheeks at all, but after... READ MORE

Can I Have Fat Transfered to my Abdomen Where Smart Lipo Caused Waviness?

My abdomen is uneven and wavy above and around my right side of my belly button after smartlipo performed Dec 2008. Are there any reputable Dr's that... READ MORE

Fat graft to forehead to increase volume and give a youthful appearance?

After sun damage in the middle east my forehead area has lost some volume (not sure if this is a loss of collagen). Would a fat graft be effective in... READ MORE

Fat transplant to my lips ? How much? (photos)

I want a bigger volume but not a lot so it keep natural look READ MORE

Am I a candidate for tear trough and nasolabia lines fillers? (photo)

I want something permanent perhaps fat transfer? I don't want to keep purchasing fillers every year . I'm interested in fat fillers as it is permanent... READ MORE

Is it possible to get top lip this big with fat transfer and still look natural? (photos)

I just want to modify my top lip to be bigger. I actually want it bigger than my bottom lip which is naturally full. READ MORE

What are the risks of a fat transfer to the shoulder deltoid?

I am going to see a surgeon about a fat transfer to my left shoulder to make it 2cms wider if possible, my left side is very narrow compare to my... READ MORE

20 years.135 pound.5.2". No babies. Can I have a body like this with a fat transfer? Aproximately how much it cost.?

I want a flat belly and a more protected and rounded butt. Also A narrow waist and wide hips. I don't want something to big. Because I don't want it... READ MORE

Fat transfer for higher/more prominent, natural/non surgical looking cheekbones? (photos)

I have a moon pie face with full but flat cheeks. I don't know if they're low set and/or just not well defined, but I'd like strong, prominent... READ MORE

Can I have fat transfer to my implants to have a more natural look?

I have had breast implants for past 13 years. I would like to have softer, natural, tear drop feel to my implants. I do not want to remove my implants... READ MORE

Facial fat grafting?

I have already had one surgery disaster - a bad one, so want to get this right. I want volume in my face and think fat looks more natural - roughly... READ MORE

Facial fat graft loses at different rate than the surrounding facial fat. How can you make sure you look natural in 10 years?

Say I have fat injection into my cheek. The injected fat is from my abdomen, so it has different characteristics than my facial fat. They also lose at... READ MORE

If I have facial day injection, will I look strange because the facial fat loss in different rate than the untreated area?

If I have facial day injection into my cheek, the characteristics of the injected fat is different than the other facial day. The rate of fat loss is... READ MORE

Facial fat grafting / transfer

My face is quite 'tight' and bony - does this mean less of the fat will take? I ask this because I read on here about the brava device stretching... READ MORE

Fat transfer or some sort of graft to fill in the depression on my right nostril from a scar? (Photos)

I have atrophic scarring on my right nostril, a loss of fat in that area which makes me have a much less fuller nostril than what I use to have. Is... READ MORE

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