Nasal Labial + Fat Transfer

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Best Way to Get Rid of Nasolabial Fold Lump from Fat Transfer? (photo)

I went to a board certified plastic surgeon for treatment of a traumatic facial wound. He said a "stem cell fat transfer" would prevent any scarring.... READ MORE

Fat Transfer for Tear Troughs and Nasolabial Folds? (photo)

Hi my name is Lance and i am 27 yrs old and over the past year i have noticed deepening Nasolabial folds and tear troughs with dark circles around my... READ MORE

Remove Fat From Nasolabial Folds and Calcified Fat from Face?

3 years ago,I did fat transfer, to cheeks\nasolabial folds. But I'm not happy with the outcome, now I have the face too fat, especially when I... READ MORE

Will the Bumpiness Go Away from the Fat Transfer to my Nasolabial Folds?

I had a fat transfer to my nasolabial folds 2 weeks ago. I noticed it felt bumpy after the procedure and was told that this is normal. It still feels... READ MORE

Fat/fillers to jaw line = heavy lower face?

I am told that a "youthful" face is like an inverted egg or triangle. If this is true, then wouldn't having fat or fillers placed along the jaw line... READ MORE

Fat Transfer and Pregnancy at the Same Time?

Can i go for fat injection (hope my own fat will not react harmful way) during pregnancy ? I hate the way my face looks with nasolabial folds and... READ MORE

Any Doctors Here Who Have Experience Removing Fat Grafts from Nasolabial Folds and Lower Cheeks Please Respond?

I am currently looking for names of Dr's who have removed and have experience removing fat grafts/injections (not explanations on how removal may be... READ MORE

Can the Autologous Fat Injections Put into my Nasal Labial Fold Areas Be Removed or Reduced? (photo)

They are making my face look misshapen. I have tried pressing on them and massage. I heard about something once that was used as a facial... READ MORE

Stitches in Face After Fat Transfer to Nasal Labial Folds Normal?

I had a fat transfer to my nasal labial folds (marionette lines) 8 days ago. My stitches come out today. They are really starting to hurt and I've... READ MORE

Mild Nasolobial Creases for a Patient in Early Twenties? (photo)

I developed some mild nasolobial lines from smiling. there is some loss of volume in those areas. what is the best (long-lasting) way to get rid of... READ MORE

Is Structura Fat Grafting As Effective As Using Perlane or Radiesse for Under Eyes, Infraorbital Rims,cheeks and Jawline?

For nasolabial folds which filler has the longest duration and is also the most effective Perlane or Radiesse? Does the actual Fractional CO2 Laser... READ MORE

Need Correct Advice for My Nose and Nasolabial Folds? (photo)

From past three years these lines called nasolabial folds on my face can be observed and due that a depressions on my nose is formed.What about going... READ MORE

I Wonder if Tissue Grafting Can Fix the Nasolabial Fold Sulcus and Drooping Corners of the Mouth?

Some interesting stuff from Korean Plastic website with regards to lower part of face including nasal and drooping month end. It is as follows: Take... READ MORE

What is the Aprox. Cost of Fat Transfer for the Nasolabial Folds?

I am 37 years old and have my nasolabial folds very noticiable. How much would be the cost for the fat transfer? READ MORE

Can I do a minor Fat Transfer to undereyes and nabia folds when I'm still breast feeding?

And how long do I need to stop breast feeding after treatment and resume breastfeed then? READ MORE

Will excessive movement damage fat grafts?

I had fat grafts 1 day ago to nasal, cheeks and eye trough areas. I have allergies that cause itchy nose and I inadvertently rubbed my nose quite... READ MORE

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