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Am I an ideal candidate for a Fat Transfer from Arms, Lower stomach and sides to get fuller hips? (photos)

Hello, I live in Miami, FL. I have a GREAT butt but, no hips. My body is solid muscle with the exception of a few areas. The back of my arms, my upper... READ MORE

Orbital Muscle Puffiness After Under Eye Grafts?

I had under eye fat grafts performed about 6 months ago. Although the hollowness has disappeared and my eyes look youthful again, I have noticed that... READ MORE

Fat Loss After Surgery - Can Fat Transfer Help?

I had hip surgery as a child and now I have less fat and muscle on that whole leg, but in my upper leg, I have almost no fat at all and it hurts to... READ MORE

How much fat augmentation in butt, thigh, and calf region do I need?

As one of my leg has lost muscle volume due to weak muscles , the leg appears thinner . i would need 2000cc fat from butt to ankle to make up for the... READ MORE

How soon can I resume weight lifting after fat transfer to pectoral muscles?

I had fat transfer to my chest to correct some areas that were over-correct by liposuction for gynecomastia. How many weeks after fat transfer to the... READ MORE

Can muscle gain be used for fat transfer?

I've been skinny all my life to the point that my inner thighs never rubbed against each other. but recently I put on weight since I went on a 6x meal... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for liposuction fat transfer to my breasts and a BBL? (photos)

I have a smaller butt and straight hips. I would love to see more definition in my waist and fuller breasts. My weight fluctuates between 135-145. I... READ MORE

Is it safe to remove blackheads after fat grafting?

I had fat transfer 2 weeks ago and it was injected inside the muscles as well as superficially to fill in acne scars after subcision. I also had CO2... READ MORE

Will fat grafting performed on lower eye lids cause muscle tension to the target area (i.e. lower eyelids and upper cheeks)?

I'm asking on behalf of my mom. She had fat grafting procedure performed to pad the area under her eyes. The fats were from her stomach. However,... READ MORE

Fat transfer; muscle tension?

Can the transferred fat die due to extreme muscle tension where the grafts are placed? I think the tension is because of the swelling... ? please help... READ MORE

Legs.. Is fat grafting to the legs possible?

I lost muscle mass when I was young on both my legs. My legs do not have the fullness, I spent my time in gym and haven't seen a difference on my legs... READ MORE

Can I have fat transfer to my legs?

I have "chicken legs" i.e. stick-thin, shapeless legs. They look like they belong to an anorexic girl even though the rest of my body is normal. I've... READ MORE

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