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How Will Smoking Affect Fat Transfer Results?

I am getting Fat transferred to my face around my mouth/cheek areas because I have a hollow look and lots of creases. I quit smoking 1 week ago... READ MORE

Fat Transfer for Long Term Results?

I am interested in fat transfer in between my nose and mouth and below my cheekbones jawline area. Will fat stay permanent or last for a long time in... READ MORE

How Soon After a Facelift Can Fat or Fillers Be Injected?

I am having a lower face/neck lift with a good surgeon in Canada, however I need fat injections or fillers to lateral chin and mouth areas to correct... READ MORE

Possible to Dissipate Fat Around Mouth After Fat Transfer?

I facial fat injections done three times. I like the results but I don't like the fat injected around the mouth. It looks heavy and makes my mouth... READ MORE

Micro-liposuction for Area Around Mouth Due to Fat Grafting Problem?

I am in my 30s. I had fat grafting to my cheeks. It now looks more jowl-like and is weighting down my lower face. She also put fat in one of my... READ MORE

What Can I Do To Improve Little Droppy Pouches Slightly Below the Outer Corners of my Mouth?

Any suggestions for improving these? I am 39. Unrelated FYI: I had fat grafting about a year ago and will be getting a touch up in a few months. Would... READ MORE

Is There a Difference Between Fat Transfer & Fat Graft? Candidate For Area Around Mouth?

Which would probably work best for the face, in area around the mouth? In misery from post-surgical scars that were NOT supposed to be in the area,... READ MORE

How to get rid of dent above mouth? (photo)

I have a dent only on the right side above my mouth, under my nose. Is there any way to get rid of it without putting fillers directly into the dent.... READ MORE

Can this botched fat transfer be fixed? I have dents and lumpiness all over my chin and near my mouth. (Photo)

I went to a fat transfer surgeon and paid top dollar almost 6 months ago. I have dents, unevenness and lumpiness. Another patient of his contacted me... READ MORE

What is the success rate of fat transfer to the face ?

I want a very subtle fat transfer to add volume to my cheeks and a little around my mouth, I chose fat transfer because its permanent but I have heard... READ MORE

Broken Capillaries After Fat Transfer to Lines Around Mouth? Is It Permanent?

I did a fat transfer to the lines around my mouth. The next day there was a pea sized area of broken capallaries, dark purple right on the area of the... READ MORE

Deformed Lip After Facial Fat Grafting a Few Years Ago? (photo)

A few years I had the facial fat grafting done. Over the course of the past couple years it began to migrate towards the corner of my mouth. Now you... READ MORE

Fat grafts, will cold compress take swelling down?

Hello im two weeks post op after a neck lift and lower face lift i also had some lipo on my back and a fat graft put round my mouth . Out of all those... READ MORE

How effective is the fat transfer to the wrinkles around mouth and eyes? (photos)

Not really wanting a facelift I was wondering how effective is the fat transfer to the wrinkles around mouth and eyes? Not sure if it can be done near... READ MORE

I am having fat grafting to the lines around my mouth. What limitations are there in recovery?

One concern is that I have asthma and use inhalers daily. I'm sure years of using inhalers caused most of these "smoker" lines, even though I never... READ MORE

3 yrs post facial fat transfer, unhappy with the outcome. Lumps formed in cheeks and jawline. How can this be resolved? (photo)

In Dec 2013 I have a fat transfer to my face.Originally I wanted the fat in the hollows of my eyes and on my cheekbone but the fat was put all over... READ MORE

Does fat transfer work well for tear trough and hollows under mouth areas? (photos)

I would like to do something long-lasting and safe to fill in tear troughs and hollows on the sides of my mouth. Any suggestions? READ MORE

What would be best to rejuvenate my face? (photos)

31 years old, jowls on either side of my mouth. General loss of fat especially in between the area of m cheekbones and eyes. READ MORE

Bimaxillary Protusion or Fat Grafting? (photo)

I have a mouth that kind of juts out, making me look like a guy. My sister once commented that I looked like I got hit by an accident because my face... READ MORE

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