Mid Face + Fat Transfer

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Fat Grafting to Fill in Hollows in Mid-Face. Is This My best Option? (photo)

I'm not sure how, but after an face proceedure a few years ago I lost a lot of fat in my cheeks and they became very hollow in the submalar area.... READ MORE

How well does Fat Grafting do in the midface?

Hi there, thank you for taking the time to read this! I'm considering having a fat transfer to enhance my facial contours. Although I'm young, I've... READ MORE

Reversing a fat transfer. What can I do? (Photo)

I had fat grafting to the midface 3 mo. ago and I'm unhappy with the volume that was inserted. I received 9 CCs total to the midface area but my smile... READ MORE

Is fat transfer a better option for the mid face versus cheek implants or mid face?

I am 40 and wanted a facelift, but 3 surgeons felt that my upper middle facebook is the issue.  The options were fat transfer, a mid facelife or... READ MORE

What is reasonable to expect from your surgeon in terms of communication?

I've had a mid-face and fat transfer and it is really scary because my face looks so BIG. And even though I know I have to wait it out, I just want... READ MORE

Looking for Experienced Doctor in Bay Area to Remove Fat Transfer/Grafts

About 6 months ago, I received a fat transfer to the upper and midface area along with a facelift. The result is that my face now looks wide and has... READ MORE

Can FAMI (fat injections) lift the midface and help with jows/NL folds? Does it last longer than other fillers?

Hello, I'm 31 years old and since 1,5 year I'm really aging quite fast. I have fillers in my cheeks (I believe it's 1,0 ml Voluma on every side), my... READ MORE

Lifting & firming power - PRP fat transfer Vs fillers.

I need a little enhancement just to lift my midface while filling in extremely mild midface volume loss & correct faint nasolabial &... READ MORE

What is the newest modern approach for fat grafting? I feel like my face is losing volume age 42 and I think i need this.

I would like to to fat grafting , however i would like to know what is the most modern advanced way of doing this. Im 42 and see mid midface fat loss,... READ MORE

Would fat grafting under the eyes pose a problem for a mid facelift down the road?

I am in my early 40s and have some sagging in my mid face but not enough to warrant a mid face lift at this time. I am curious though, if I have fat... READ MORE

Fast absorption; a week since I have had FT to nasolabial folds, mid face and it already seems like I have no fat left. Advice?

Hi, a week since I have had FT to nasolabial folds and mid face and it already seems like i have no fat left. My swelling had completely gone down. My... READ MORE

Mid-face procedure w/ fat-grafting (4 mo out). Face looks more youthful but a bit "fat." Dropped my body fat down but no change.

Would appreciate understanding whether this plump look may diminish over time. I realize that this volume may actually be an indicator of youth in... READ MORE

32 getting Lipo to jaw, Fat Transfer to mid face and lips to delay aging and facial sagging, any other suggestions? (photo)

I'm 32 and going to get Lipo on my jaw and fat transfer to mid face and lips in an attempt to delay aging and facial sagging. Can you suggest any... READ MORE

What option should I choose to correct fullness on right to match the left? (photos)

In 2002 I had fat injections to fill out loss of volume in my cheeks. The left side became fuller than the right resulting in a "line" defining the... READ MORE

Permanent solution to flat mid face? (photos)

I just want to add forward projecting volume to my mid face but in a very specific location to get a very specific result. Would fat grafting yield... READ MORE

Do you perform more fat transfers or cheek implants at your practice and why? Satisfaction rate?

I've noticed many doctors are one way or the other when It comes to fat transfer vs cheek implants for midface enhancement. I am making this decision... READ MORE

2nd fat transfer and still the fat disappears after one week!! Any suggestions?

Hello, the second FT I had to my nasolabial folds and mid-face. 8-14 days post-op, the swelling along with the fat has vanished.I noticed my surgeon... READ MORE

Age 32: Anti-aging treatments/surgery. (photo)

I'm 32 as I'm aging my face is sagging. I'm having lipo of neck jaw fat transfer to lips and mid face. I'm thinking in the future jaw expansion as it... READ MORE

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