Marionette Lines + Fat Transfer

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What is This Weird Fat Pocket Around my Mouth Where my Marionette Lines? Do I Need Filler or Fat Grafting? (photo)

I'm 26 & the older I get the more noticeable this weird fat pocket is around my mouth where my marionette lines are. It's more so on my right Side... READ MORE

Does Anyone Know a Massage Technique for Lumps Following Facial Fat Transfer?

I had facial fat transfer to forehead, lips, nasiolabial and marionette lines. Most of the lumps are dispersing but I have one above my top lip which... READ MORE

Fat Transfer for Marionette Lines?

I have deep marionette lines and am considering Fat Transfer. What is the cost range? READ MORE

Is Fat Grafting Alone Enough To Treat Sagging Skin and Marionette Lines? (photo)

Is fat grafting alone enough to take care of the marionette lines and the sagging skin or is mid face lift the better choice for this face? READ MORE

How Soon After Fat Transfer Can Dermal Filler Be Injected?

I had a fat transfer of the nasolabial folds and marionette lines 10 days ago. The first few days it looked good but I'm already seeing the return of... READ MORE

Will Fat Transfer Address my Heavy Jowls and Lack of Cheek Volume and Marionette Lines?

I have heavy jowls marionette lines and loss of cheek 56, scared of getting a facelift, and wanting to know my options? READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Face While Fillers Are Still Present?

Hi. I am considering having a full facial fat transfer in 4 or 5 months. I am 50 years old and had Radiesse injected into my cheek area 5 months ago... READ MORE

Perioral Mounds or Irregularity from Fat Transfer to Marionette Lines 11 Months Ago? (photo)

I have a bump above my mouth when I animate and smile on the right side, is there anyway to treat this, to flatten it out and get rid of this... READ MORE

What Is The Cause Of Fat Injection Discoloration 2 Months Post-Op?

I had a small amount of fat injected into my marionette lines 8 weeks ago it is lumpy upon animation and seems to have migrated up, there is a grayish... READ MORE

Will Fat Injections in Marionette Lines Reabsorb? I Don't Like The Results.

I had a tiny bit of fat in my marionette lines 6 weeks ago, it has done nothing to fill the line but looks irregular and bumpy when I smile on the... READ MORE

Are Fat Injections Necessary Before Facelift?

Hi Doctors, I'm a bit confused--some doctors favor fat injections while others say stay clear. I have been offered fat injections to upper lids,... READ MORE

Facial Fat Transfer Questions?

I am 51 and would like fat placed in my marionette lines. A few questions... 1) What is the most results-oriented, easiest and safest place to harvest... READ MORE

Is There Any Possibility to Correct Marionette Lines with Fat Injections?

Is there any possibility to correct marionette lines with fat injections? And who is te best plastic/cosmetic surgeon to do this correction. I live in... READ MORE

I Had Fat Transfers on my Marionette Lines and Two Months Later Are Very Uneven Bumps?

How long should this take before the lumps flatten out and look normal. It has also created a ribbon like grove that runs from the base of my chin to... READ MORE

LiveFill Good for Deflated Lips/marionette Lines?

I want to get LiveFill for deflated lips/marionette lines - does it work for this? Is this available in NJ? or NY? I would like to do this along with... READ MORE

Which areas of the face does fat transfer work best? Does fat transfer work well to diminish marionette lines? (photo)

Reading the posts on realself, and the various problems that people have had with fat transfer, it is not clear to me which areas of the face that fat... READ MORE

Would You Advise Me of Results-oriented Remedies for Slight Jowling and Marionette Lines?

I am 51 and prefer not to go into surgury for a mid-cheek lift at this point. What are some options for slight jowling and marionette lines? Fillers?... READ MORE

After my consultation with my surgeon, I am asking for a second opinion. Any other suggestions? (photos)

I would like a more feminine slimmer face shape and feel that the shape is round & plump underneath the cheek bones. My surgeon had recommended to... READ MORE

Are fat transfers good for marionette lines and droopy neck area?

How effective are fat transfer for marionette lines and if the procedure doesn't turn out to your expectations what can be done, if anything to change... READ MORE

Lifting & firming power - PRP fat transfer Vs fillers.

I need a little enhancement just to lift my midface while filling in extremely mild midface volume loss & correct faint nasolabial &... READ MORE

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