Lower Eyelids + Fat Transfer

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Fat or Hyaluronic Acid for Lips and Hollowness Around Eyes?

The photos I have seen of people with fat injected to the upper/lower eyelids and lips look great. Fat transfer seems to make the lips look naturally... READ MORE

Different Techniques for Facial Fat Transfer?

I am wondering if there were different techniques for fat transfer in the facial area, i.e. cheeks, lower eyelids, nasolabial folds and lips. If so... READ MORE

Is Fat Grafting on Lower Eyelids a Bad Idea?

Fat Grafting lower Lids - I recently had a nose job / brow lift / eyes upper and lower. I'm swollen - but its only day 10. All the posts I read... READ MORE

Eye Bags After Fat Grafting Procedure

Is it possible that the remaining fat will be absorbed or will it have to be surgicallly corrected? READ MORE

Alcohol After Fat Transfer or Grafting?

For how long after having a fat transfer/grafting to the lower eyelids must one wait before consuming alcohol? READ MORE

Can I Use my Own Fat to Fill my Tear Troughs?

Will fat grafting work to fill my tear troughs? Also what to do about loose skin under the eye? READ MORE

Should you massage lumps from fat transfers as soon as possible or wait to see if they reabsorb on their own?

I had fat graft to my lower eyelid area and to my lips 10 days ago. I have a small bump under one eye and one on my upper lip as well as a hard ridge... READ MORE

Fat Grafting on Lower Eyelids and Rhinoplasty at the Same Time?

Is it possible to do neoplasty (rhinoplasty) surgery and Fat grafting to the lower eyelids at the same time? I've heard that your eyelids get swollen... READ MORE

Difference Between Fat Grafting and Fat Injections?

Are Fat grafting and Fat injection in the lower eyelid the same thing? READ MORE

Lower Eyelid Bleph w/ Fat Grafting vs. Just Fat Grafting Around Eyes?

I am 39 year old female. I have been to 3 different plastic surgeons for lower eye puffiness. One recommends just fat grafting around eyes and maybe... READ MORE

Correcting Lower Eyelid After Fat Graft Operation

I had fat transfer to my lower eyelids 1.5 years ago & developed noticeable lumps in my lower eyelids.The PS tried to correct the situation... READ MORE

Upper Eye Lid Drooping Post Surgery?

I had PRP fat graft 9 days ago for lower eye lid retraction post plephroplasty Surprising my lower eye lid retraction is corrected but I have new... READ MORE

What can I do to fill in hollow lower eyelids and prominent tear trough indentations/lines? (photos)

I recently used a chemical to grow eyebrows & the volume in my lower eyelids vanished. I am left with hollow eyes & PROMINENT indentations. I'm... READ MORE

Will I lose the fat transferred to my lower eyelid if I lose weight?

I had fat transfer done to my lower eyelid ,if i lose weight will i lose that fat that was put under my eyelids? READ MORE

I had Fat Transfer to remove fat on my face but it remains the same. Is there anything else I can try? (photos)

I had fat transfer in may 2013, once the swelling had reduced, I was left with large ridges in my cheeks where the fat had been placed that caused... READ MORE

I had fat injection in my lower eye lids 7 weeks ago and still have lots of swelling, Do I need to be worry? (Photo)

As you see in my photos, after 7 weeks of fat injection, still my eyes is swelling and made me so depress. My doctor believes swelling has to be gone... READ MORE

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