Love Handles + Fat Transfer

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Is Fat Transfer from Arms + Upper Back to Love Handles a Viable Solution?

At 23, I bought a spa package that advertised treatments that “burned fat” called Ultrasound. Unaware that this was a form of lipo &... READ MORE

Is Lipo filling/fat transfer to the wrists possible for thicker forearms/wrists?

I'm a male with very skinny and bony wrists, I have worked hard on developing my forearm muscles but they are not connected to the lower part around... READ MORE

How much would a fat transfer to my hip cost? (Photo)

Sadly i have love handles that i despise and i wanted to get a fat transfer. I am 5'3 i weight about 135 . I want to have a price invisioned . Any... READ MORE

I'd like to figure out if I should be looking into a fat transfer to my hips or liposuction on my love handles. (Photo)

I'm not quite sure what kind of procedure I should be looking into for what I want to achieve. I don't know if I have love handles or if my hips are... READ MORE

Was my garment taken off too soon? Should I still put it back on? The brace too? Should I also not be sitting down yet?

I had fat transfer from my bad love handles and abdomen to my butt. I was able to take off my garment after 4 days but I kept my brace on because it... READ MORE

Could the fat taken from liposuction be used to fill out my butt and breasts?

I would like to know if it is possible to do lipo of the tummy or tummy tuck, lipo of the back, love handles, under arms and inner thigh. And use the... READ MORE

Does donor site matter in regards to how long lasting fat grafts are?

I am having fat grafting to the face for the 2nd time. The first time fats were taken from the love handles. I no longer have fat in that area and... READ MORE

Fat transfers: Can all this be done at the same time, what are the prices and recovery time estimated? (photos)

My plan is to have fat transfers from various places ( if possible ). The areas that I want fat removed from are : the arms, chin/neck, muffin top and... READ MORE

Do I have enough fat for fat transfer (BBL) (Photos)

I've been considering fat transfer (BBL) for awhile now. I've decided that if I am a good candidate, it is well worth the investment. I've read... READ MORE

Fat transfer to buttock?

Hello I'm 23 I had a baby 6 months ago and I wanted a fat transfer from my stomach to my buttock I don't have a lot of fat just a pouch and some love... READ MORE

How do I achieve these hips? (Photo)

I'm not sure why I find this look appealing, but I do. I'm not sure if its just extra fat that creates a love handle look or what. I've always been on... READ MORE

Why is my fat transfer cost extremely high?

Im 128 lbs and went to 2 surgeons i have a small belly and small love handles i live i mission tx and one surgeon said the total cost would be $6000... READ MORE

How much fat can be transferred? My doctor told me he can maybe only do 200cc per cheek (Photos)

I am 5'3 140 pounds. My BMI is 24/25 and I measure 31 for waist and 37 for my love handles area (area I want lipo). I wanted to do 800cc per cheek but... READ MORE

Is the incision made from a Fat Transfer a permanent scar?

I am looking to get a fat transfer, and I know an incision will be made on my abdomen / love handles. Will this incision be a permanent scar? I am a... READ MORE

How much would I be looking around if I wanted to get a Fat Transfer from stomach to butt?

Im about 155lbs, about 5'2. my body type is not FAT but not " SKINNY" im like right in the middle. I hand small love handles and alittle back fat. READ MORE

Is there a solution to my hip dip problem?

My violin hips are what i've been hating the most about myself since my 12, as i can not take any pictures i'm just going to describe my them, and... READ MORE

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