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I Have Loose Skin on my Breasts. Would a Fat Transfer Make More Sense then Removing the Skin Itself?

I have C cup sized breast with loose skin, sagging breasts and stretch marks. I was considering a fat transfer to plump them up but read on here its... READ MORE

Can I Use my Own Fat to Fill my Tear Troughs?

Will fat grafting work to fill my tear troughs? Also what to do about loose skin under the eye? READ MORE

Can Buttock Ptosis Be Cured by Fat Transfer?

I had liposuction of the thighs and buttock done to help my lower body fit my upper body. The doctor took off way to much and tried to "improve... READ MORE

Neck Lift and Fat Transfer a Little Over a Year Ago, Fat Disappeared, Loose Skin and Jowls? (photo)

A little over a year ago I had a consult to have a neck lift. The doctor also recommended a mini face lift in conjunction with fat transfer. I was... READ MORE

Can Fat of the Upper Eyelide Outskirts Area Grow Back?

My doctor used an injector to take out some fat on the outskirts of my upper eyelids. And now my skin is very loose, and I look like more older than... READ MORE

Can fat be put in your knees and above the knees? (Photo)

Loose crapy skin about and around the knees. Some doctors say don't put fat in your knees some say yes. Please help!!! Can you or not??? READ MORE

What can you do about hollows under eyes made more noticeable after fat grafting to cheeks? (photo)

I am 54 years old. Went to board certified ps for cosultation. He said I had a very thin face and fat transfer would work well to add volume. Had fat... READ MORE

Is it better to have a Fat Transfer at the same time as Neck Lift Revision surgery or separately?

Slim neck over-lipoed during first neck lift, now more loose excess skin than pre-op, and hollow-ish under jaw, upper neck. Consulted PSs propose... READ MORE

Can fat be put into the inside of the forearms?

I have loose skin on the inside of the forearms and the outside is also loose but doesn't bother me as bad. Can fat be put in this area? I had fat... READ MORE

Fat Transfer: Do I Need Brava After Nursing 2 Kids?

Finished nursing my second child a few months ago (nursed each child for 2 yrs, 6 yrs apart) and have about one cup size diff. between my breasts.... READ MORE

Will fat injected into the knees help with loose skin around and above the knee?

I have loose skin around the knee and above it. Will taking fat from my stomach and putting it around the knee help and if so how much? READ MORE

Any non invasive procedure that can solve some loose skin on the neck and fat transfer to face?

I can only have 7 to 10 days of from work and would like to look natural not "done". Thanks READ MORE

Will fat injections to the forearms last?

I hate fat injection into my knees and the result was good. I am now wanting it my forearms for loose, crapy skin. Will the fat last in this area? READ MORE

Implant removal over muscle a year ago now considering fat transfer - will it be worth it? (Photos)

Hello, I had a breast implant removal 1 year ago. 280cc over the muscle. 34AA to DD back to an A I am looking to have fat transfer to fill out some of... READ MORE

Can fat be put in the knees?

I have loose skin around and above my knees. Can fat be put in them and if so will it tighten up the skin and live? I hear it doesn't survive if it's... READ MORE

How long before I can walk after getting a fat transfer from my stomach into my knees?

I am 45 with loose skin around my knees. How long after getting my fat transfer from my stomach to my knees can I walk and sleep on my stomach. I am... READ MORE

What are the short term and long term side effects of fat transfer to inner/front thighs?

I had inner thigh liposuction during my first bbl and my inner thighs are uneven, they have loose skin and one thigh has as huge dip, probably from... READ MORE

I'm 5'4" 120lbs, 50 years old. I don't think I have enough fat worth transferring? (Photos)

I hate my butt. I have loose skin /wide pelvis which makes it impossible to achieve any result with exercise. Is there a procedure - implants, flap,... READ MORE

Can fat transfer help with bony strained hollow look around the eye? (photo)

Almost 5 years after upper and lower eye lid surgery and 2 more revisions I am left with horrible hollows & doughnut look around the eye. Will a... READ MORE

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