Longevity + Fat Transfer

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How Long Do Fat Grafting Results Last?

I am trying to determine whether micro fat grafting is a better option for cheek augmentation than implants. I was researching it today and saw that... READ MORE

How Long Do Fat Transfer Injections Last?

I am considering getting fat transfer injections to my face to fill in hollow areas. What percent of the injected fat will stay? How long will it... READ MORE

How Long Does Fat Last After Harvesting?

If I have Liposuction, and some of the fat is stored for use in other areas (ie. cheeks, lips, or under the eyes), will it still be safe or good for... READ MORE

Is Fat Transfer Permanent?

I lost of the fat in my uppper cheeks. Not quite sure how or why it happened but it was after my Rhinoplasty. I want a permanent solution to fix this.... READ MORE

Fat Transfer for Brazilian Butt Lift and Breast Augmentation. Does One Last Longer?

From the information i've gathered online, both the Brazilian Buttock Lift and breast augmentation(not the implant kind) utilizes your own fat to... READ MORE

Technique Comparisons For Fat Transfer for Face (photo)

Besides expertise of doctor, importan: 1. how to harvest fat to have greatest number of live fat cells (stem cells. using new 'Body jet',... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Face is Diminishing with Weight Loss, Will it Return if I Gain Weight Back?

I had fat transfer to correct an asymmetry in my jaw several years ago. It's been stable for the last couple of years. However, recently I've... READ MORE

Does Stem Cell Concentration/Enhancement Improve Facial Fat Transfer Survival Rate?

Doctors say they extract stem cells from some of the unused fat, and then add that to the fat to be injected, multiplying the stem cell density. Seems... READ MORE

How Long Will Fat Transfer Last in Acne Scars?

I have acne scars on my cheeks and forehead. How long will fat transfer last in this area? Can the indented scars be completely gone with fat... READ MORE

Does Fat Transfer (FAMI) Only Last a Month?

I had FAMI (Facial Autograft Muscle Injection) on the lips and it only lasted for a month. I had a touch up after a month and it still was only plump... READ MORE

Loss of Fullness Under Eyes

I am 45, male, and play high level tennis. I have noticed a gradual skin sinking (less fullness) under one eye than the other & lower nose area.... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Results and Touch-ups

How Long Do Fat Transfers to the Face last and Typically will the Physician do Touch Ups included in cost READ MORE

How Long Do Fat Injections Last For Treating Ice-Pick Scars?

I have ice pick acne scars on both sides of my cheeks READ MORE

Predictability/longevity of dermal fat graft vs Fat Transfer for permanent Lip Augmentation? (photos)

Considering permanent lip augmentation. I love the sound of a fat graft, and would like to find a PS in CA who does this. However, most Dr's appear to... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Thigh. How Likely Will I Encounter Complications? (photo)

Hello, My whole left thigh is slightly thinner than my right thigh. I want fat transferred from my abdomen to my left thigh only. A PS told me the fat... READ MORE

How Can you Tell that Fat has Actually Survived the Transfer? Biopsies?

I am trying to fix some bad fat atrophy on my face and am looking into fat transfer. After reading lots of reports I can't find anything that... READ MORE

How Long Does Fat Injection Last in Hips for Someone Who is Rectangular Shaped?

I am rectangular shaped, hence I have flat or no hips. My measurements follow 34-28-36. Is it possible to have fat just inserted into my hips (not my... READ MORE

What is the Best Method/technique of Fat Harvesting and Injecting?

1)What is the best method/technique of fat harvesting in which the cells survival is the most? 2)Is the injecting technique/method as important as the... READ MORE

Necessary to Have Repeat Facial Fat Transfers?

How long does face fat transfer last? Is it necessary to repeat treament more than one time? READ MORE

Would Like to Transfer Fat From My Body to My Legs. What is the Longevity of This Procedure? Any Other Permanent Options?

I would like to transfer fat to my legs from my body. Will the fat go away within a few months? What is the duration of effectiveness? Do I have any... READ MORE

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