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What Kind of Aesthetic Problems Can Occour Long Term After Fat Grafting?

I'm considering a fat transfer under my eyes but before I undergo any surgery, I would like to consider the possible dangers of this procedure. So... READ MORE

Complications and long-term results from lower eyelid fat grafting?

I was going to have fat graphing with my eye bag repositioning to help fill in some of the hollowness. My surgeon said he's seen lumpiness occur with... READ MORE

What are the long term effects of fat grafting to the lips? (photo)

I think I am interested in subtle lip augmentation through fat grafting. I am wondering what are the long term effects. I think I once saw someone on... READ MORE

I'm am looking to get the fat transfer?

Are the any heath risks. How much does it cost. Will there be any long term effects, as this is fairly new how can the long term effects be determined? READ MORE

Will fat trasfer into my cheeks migrate?

I have been advised about fat trasfer, but I am afraid the fat will clump up and migrate. I have heard that if it is injecting slowly over time, the... READ MORE

I am concerned about the long-term results of fat transfer to the face. Is it really permanent?

I've noticed a lot of controversy among many plastic surgeons regarding the effectiveness and longevity of fat grafting/transfer to the face. Does the... READ MORE

What are the long term predictions for facial fat transfer?

Hi I am female in my late forties and had full facial fat transfer nearly 6 years ago. I still feel too full in the face and that even putting on the... READ MORE

I Want to Go from a B Cup to a D/lrg C. Is This Achievable with 1 Fat Transplant Procedure and Will the Results Last Long Term?

I have been researching about fat transfers for breast aug and am very interested as I don't want implants and have see a few results on this site... READ MORE

Looking for a facial plastic surgeon in MA who is proficient at fat transfers. Any suggestions?

I have read many times that if a plastic surgeon is good at performing fat transfers, the fat will stay and look good. Are there any doctors in MA... READ MORE

Long term risks of undergoing facial fat grafting?

Hi. I just wanted to know that will I carry any long term risk concerning facial fat grafting if the surgery turns out to be successful? Thank you! READ MORE

What are the short term and long term side effects of fat transfer to inner/front thighs?

I had inner thigh liposuction during my first bbl and my inner thighs are uneven, they have loose skin and one thigh has as huge dip, probably from... READ MORE

What is your experience with you Facial Fat Transfer patients over the years? How does transferred fat age?

I'm interested in getting fat transfer at a younger age (27). I feel it will stave off early aging, as my face is mostly soft tissue and it's obvious... READ MORE

What can I realistically expect from a fat transfer to breasts?

How much fat gets retained (should I expect to go a lot bigger than what want to get the size I want)? Does getting a lift affect it? Will the feel of... READ MORE

Will investing in surgical procedure be a better investment long term over botox? (photo)

I asked a question recently about horizontal lines between my eyes. They add years to my age and I was recommended botox on this site. However, I feel... READ MORE

Can intramuscular fat injection for a BBL lead to long term pain?

I am almost 6 months PO. I saw many posts on RealSelf from pts who have long term buttock pain which docs here didn't have the solution for (nor did... READ MORE

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