Local Anesthesia + Fat Transfer

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Can Fat Transfer Be Done Sucessfuly with Local Anesthetic Without Sedation? What Benefits is Fat over Non Fat Fillers?

I am 51 and would like fat removed from my flanks, bra line and/or stomach and placed in my marionette lines. Assuming that my marionette lines lend... READ MORE

Fat Grafting with Local Anesthesia - Tear Trough Area

I'll have fatgrafting in tear through. Surgeon will not inject anesthetize liquid in area where fat will be put as this area would then be swollen... READ MORE

Can fat injections be done under local anesthesia?

I have read on this site that many doctors perform facial fat injections under local anesthesia. Is there swelling after a local is administered? If... READ MORE

Facial Fat Transfer Questions?

I am 51 and would like fat placed in my marionette lines. A few questions... 1) What is the most results-oriented, easiest and safest place to harvest... READ MORE

Can I have a fat transfer from stomach/flanks to buttocks/hips with local anesthetic if it is done a little at a time?

Anesthesia seems scary although I know it is recommended. I'd rather do 5 small procefired than one large scary one. READ MORE

Would it be reasonable to consider a fat grafting procedure first, and then a lift a few months later? (photos)

I have sagging, slightly tuberous, size-discrepant breasts (one is 75cc's larger than the other). I have a large amount of fat that could be used for... READ MORE

Lipofilling to eliminate eye circles with local anesthesia. Is it possible? Risk? For lower part of the face? (Photo)

1 I want to do lipofilling to eliminate the eye circles under the eyes. (I had bad experience with restylene) but I want to do it with local... READ MORE

Is the anesthetic used to numb your stomach before a fat transfer (cheek augmentation) painful?

I'm having this procedure in June and am wondering if the part of the procedure where they numb my stomach then take fat from it is unusually painful... READ MORE

A few questions about fat transfer to the lips (for a male)

I have a very small upper lip which I would like to augment. Is it common for men to have a fat transfer done very subtly? What does it cost? Is it... READ MORE

High cheek bones under local, permanent results. No injections, I want my own body fat transferred to my face. (Photo)

Looking for plastic surgeon for high cheek bones but perminant results. I wanted my own fat transferred to my cheeks under local anesthesia. I wanted... READ MORE

Pre-op: Questions about the longevity of SVELT, downtime required, etc.

Hello I am wondering about SVELT fat transfer to breasts, is it long lasting? How many visits required? What is the ballpark price? What is my... READ MORE

Is fat grafting into the temples safer with local anesthesia versus general anesthesia or light sedation?

Given the extremely rare risk of embolism with temporal fat grafting, causing rare devastation, such as stroke or visual problems, does local... READ MORE

When fat is harvested from your tummy for fat injections on the cheek, does the removal hurt? More questions...

Just a few questions on the procedure: -does harvesting fat from the tummy hurt? -how many times does the doctor's needle go in at the tummy, and at... READ MORE

Temperol fat injections under local anesthesia?

Are TEMPEROL FAT INJECTIONS done under local anesthesia rather than light sedation safer in terms of better patient assessment of preventing any... READ MORE

What is the cost of a non invasive facial fat transfer ?

I have nose to mouth lines that I want to be permanently rid of, Just one area around my mouth w/ local anesthesia . What would be the price range for... READ MORE

How can I find a surgeon in Los Angeles/Beverly Hills area who can do facial fat transfer under local anesthesia?

Hello, I am looking for a skilled surgeon who feels comfortable doing a a facial fat transfer (taking fat from my thighs) and transferring to my face... READ MORE

My doc says he'll mix loc anaesthetic with my fat when he syringes it in my face for fat transfer, is that way toxic to the fat?

I read somewhere that mixing local anaesthetic with harvested fat when syringing into face can be toxic and make the fat die , but my doctor wants to... READ MORE

Why did the extraction of fat to my face procedure hurt and sting really bad?

I've had lip fillers done before only with topical ointment which was very painless to me. Doctor said I had a very good pain threshold. I've had a... READ MORE

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