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Fat Transfer for Under Eye Circles

Is fat transfer good for under eye hollows and small lines ? If anyone has done this procedure let me know how are the results. Thanks READ MORE

What would you recommend for fat augmentation on my cheeks? (photos)

Im 29 yrs old and after i gave birth my second baby, im not relly happy with my face especially tears lines on my cheeck which make me look older than... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Under Eyes Leave Dark Line Where Injected, is This Common? Or Should Fat Be Cleaned? (photo)

Had lower bleph & laser under my eyes and fat harvest. The fat being injected, is brownish& seems to leave a dark line where it is injected-is... READ MORE

I Have Parallel Lines on my Neck Which Give my Age Away?

My neck is skinny (lost all volume) and shows my age. I don't have double chin sagging or extra skin or folds. I know i don't need a face lift or neck... READ MORE

What can I do to fill in hollow lower eyelids and prominent tear trough indentations/lines? (photos)

I recently used a chemical to grow eyebrows & the volume in my lower eyelids vanished. I am left with hollow eyes & PROMINENT indentations. I'm... READ MORE

I'm 28 and have under eye lines as well as parenthesis lines. What can I do about them? (Photo)

I am 28 and I know i will age but I don't know why other girls my age don't have lines so pronounced as I do, why do I have them and is their... READ MORE

I am having fat grafting to the lines around my mouth. What limitations are there in recovery?

One concern is that I have asthma and use inhalers daily. I'm sure years of using inhalers caused most of these "smoker" lines, even though I never... READ MORE

Pit marks on my chin and lines around my mouth: Can fat be injected?

Want plumper lips too. Injections don't last long. Can fat be used to inject in to lips and wrinkles? READ MORE

What can I do about this area of fat loss in my cheek? (Photo)

I suffered what seems to be fat loss from a laser procedure. As you can see from the photo, I have an indentation on my cheek, which is also causing a... READ MORE

Any new ways to remove my facial fat transfer? 12 years post-op.

I hAd a fat transfer to my face in 2005. He is a Bev Hills plastic surgeon. He went in thru my belly button and placed the fat in my upper cheeks. All... READ MORE

Would fillers/fat injections be a good idea?

After surgery on my scalp, I developed two sunken lines on my forehead. My doctor informed me that those sections on my forehead atrophied and that... READ MORE

Can fat grafting cause lines to get deeper and look sharper? (photos)

I had fat grafting done around the jowl area and in the folds leading from my nose to my mouth. This procedure seems to have caused deep sharp lines... READ MORE

What is the cost of a non invasive facial fat transfer ?

I have nose to mouth lines that I want to be permanently rid of, Just one area around my mouth w/ local anesthesia . What would be the price range for... READ MORE

Fat transfer to fix sunken eyes? (photos)

Easily the most hated feature of my body lifelong has been the circular lines coming from the inside of my nose and around the bottoms of my eyes. I... READ MORE

Fat transfer into lips - will the "duck" look subside? (photos)

Or is that a unappetizing side entree of losing the lines around one's mouth? READ MORE

Weight loss then fat injection?

About five years ago, I lost 80 lbs on a fad diet. The one thing that I noticed most was that as I lost weight, the lines around my mouth grew more... READ MORE

After fat transfer I noticed a black line; is this normal?

Hi I had done fat transfer to my face almost 3 weeks ago everything was fine until I notice a black line coming down from under my left aid to the... READ MORE

Facial Fat Transfer. Can fat be molded for a “broken lines” look in men or it'll give me a round & smooth female face?

Man, 38 y/o, after 3 years of a very successful combo of Sculptra and Radiesse for cheek enhancement, I’m looking for something the last longer. Due t... READ MORE

Fillers of Fat Graft for lines on either side of the nose. (photos)

Hello! As you can see in my pictures I have lines (indents) on either side of the nose bridge base. I think it makes me look harsh and accentuates my... READ MORE

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