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Can Fat Transfer Make my Legs Bigger?

My legs are very small I'm ashamed of wearing a skirt? Is there a surgery that can help me make my legs bigger? READ MORE

Fat Transfer from Thighs to Legs and Buttocks?

My thighs are fat compared to my tiny legs, and I have flat buttocks too. Can fat be taken from my thighs and injected into the desired areas, or is... READ MORE

Is Fat Grafting for Skinny Legs (Calves, Shins, Ankles) a Reasonable Option? (photo)

Attached are my photos-I have extremely thin and skeletal legs, and i have a LOT of fat in my upper body. I have researched and found a doctor with... READ MORE

Risks of Fat Transfer for Lower Legs?

I'm getting fat transfer to my lower legs. Are there any dangers I should worry about (such as infecton) to prevent injuries? Also, how long do you... READ MORE

Can I do a fat transfer from more than one place in one surgery? How much will it cost? (photos)

Can I get fat from my abdominal, legs (thighs and calves) and lowee back transferred to my hips/butt and breasts? Is that too many places? I know that... READ MORE

Will Fat Transfer to Legs and Ankles Go Down More?

I just had fat Grafting on my lower leg and knee 2 weeks ago, cause the were bony. But to be honest they still a bit bruise and my feet are swollen.... READ MORE

Possible to Have Fat Grafting on Legs?

I have skinny leg and always wanted to have a little more, Can the add fat to my leg, instead of the Inplant? and if yes. I am in nY and I will like... READ MORE

Fat Grafting for Skinny Legs?

I would love to wear knee length dresses but my dreadfully skinny legs don't allow it so I have worn trousers and long skirts all my life. Is Fat... READ MORE

Can Fat Be Transferred to the Lower Part of the Legs?

Can Fat Be Transferred to the Lower Part of the Legs; Not the Calf's, but Lower?) It seems as if my legs are disproportionate, and they seem more... READ MORE

I have really skinny legs. How can I make my legs bigger? Can I inject fat or get implants on them?

I am so ashamed of my legs they are way to skinny and i am embarrassed to wear shorts, skirts etc... And i am talking about the lower part of my legs... READ MORE

Will Fat Injections Help Fix a Dent on my Leg? (photo)

Hi I have a dent on my right leg, I always it was cellulite but someone said maybe I hit myself somehow and left a dent. I had it ever since I can... READ MORE

Terrible Skinny Legs. What Can I Do?

I have bad skinny legs and it's so frustrating that i have to be cover up all the time i don't wear dresses or shorts and it's so... READ MORE

Procedures to Lessen the Appearance of a Skin Graft Scar (Donor Site)? (photo)

Hi. Several years ago I experienced an accident which necessitated skin grafts. The doctors took the grafts from my thighs, and ever since there has... READ MORE

Is Fat Transfer from Tummy to Legs Permanent?

Can fat transfer from tummy to legs give me a permanent or temporary result? Also, I need to ask if this surgery would give good results. READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Lower Leg? (photo)

Due to spina pevida, i was born with undeveloped muscle in lower right leg. due to high skin tonicity, calf implant was found to be not suitable while... READ MORE

Fat Transfer for Sunken Leg Scars?

I am a woman in my 30's and I'm sick of wearing pants in the summer. I have ugly sunken scars all over my legs. Last summer, I consulted a ... READ MORE

How Can Thin Patients Treat Deformities from a Fat Transfer?

I underwent a fat transfer to treat a recent facial wound. I am thin but curvy, size 2 or 4, with a very nice shape. However, now I have a dent in my... READ MORE

I am female with very skinny lower legs. Would calf implants or fat transfer help?

I am embarrassed by the look of my thin legs. I know fat transfer or implant is possible and would like to find out more about these procedures. Could... READ MORE

Increasing survival rate for fat grafting? (knees, thighs, ankles, wrists)

Is it possible to get fat grafting in the ankles, around the knee area, and thighs or will fat survive well in those areas? My issue is my calves and... READ MORE

Fat transfer to even out liposuction scars?

The liposuction left the back of my legs and my inner tights with deep scars, I realize that doing more lipo would look worse, can I have a fat... READ MORE

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