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Can Fat Transfer Change the Shape of the Face?

I had teeth removed by an orthodontist. It negatively changed my bone structure and soft tissues, making me look gaunt with sunken cheeks, loss of lip... READ MORE

Long, Narrow Face - Fat Transfer to Mandible Area?

I want to give my long narrow face a more "Square" appearance and strengthen my jawline. Rather than getting jaw angle implants, I was... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Buccal and Mandible

I am considering fat transfer to my cheeks to fill some hollow, and to enhance my mandible--I want to widen the lower part of my face. Is it possible... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Face is Diminishing with Weight Loss, Will it Return if I Gain Weight Back?

I had fat transfer to correct an asymmetry in my jaw several years ago. It's been stable for the last couple of years. However, recently I've... READ MORE

Fat Transfer into Cheeks to Add Volume to Flat Cheeks After Jaw Surgery

Hi, I got upper and lower jaw surgery done 7 months ago. After having my upper jaw brought back, i've noticed my cheeks don't seem as round as... READ MORE

2 weeks post op Fat Grafting, my face is asymmetrical. How do I fix my asymmetry? (photo)

I had fat grafting three weeks ago, but i am asymmetrical (it has bn the same degree of asymmetry since day one just on a smaller scale). i wanted to... READ MORE

Fat Injections for a Rounder Face?

I have a strong, square jaw and I was wondering if fat injections would make my face look rounder. READ MORE

Fat Transfer After Artefill Injections?

Will Fat Transfer take in my cheeks and jaw? I have Artefill in these areas. I would like to do full face Fat Transfer. READ MORE

Fat Transfert for Jaw Augmentation?

Dear doctors, thank you to take the time to read me. I need a jaw augmentation and i've seen 5 doctors so far. They offer me medpore implants or... READ MORE

How to Stop Fat Graft Taking to a Certain Area?

5 days ago I had fat grafting to repair atrophy from a previous trauma. The surgeon seems to have put some fat in a few areas I din't want it (jaw... READ MORE

Fat transfer to face, reversal?? Help?!

Last week (Friday 13th) I had liposuction to my thighs and a fat transfer to my face. I requested to my surgeon for the fat to be injected in my... READ MORE

What procedure is most suitable in treating with Parry Rombergs Syndrome?? (photos)

I have parry rombergs since last ten years now i am of 24 years .it has affected the bones and soft tissues on Right side of my face very badly.and i... READ MORE

I feel my face is aging and needs a lot of work done! Am I obsessing or not? I need advise please. (photos)

Hello! My face is drooping and I always look tired. I have filled my lips with permanent product- like 10 years ago and it no longer looks good (in my... READ MORE

Fat Transfer for a Vertical Lenghtning of the Lower Third Part of the Face?

Hello dear doctors, I've tried custom made jaw implants to increase the vertical length of the lower of my face but i have to have them removed 2... READ MORE

Fat transfer vs. implant for jaw asymmetry? (photo)

Hi. i am looking for a solution for an uneven jawline. i've had a jaw implant put in one side of the face but it wasn't big enough so my jawline... READ MORE

Jaw surgery? Sliding genioplasty? Or fat transfer? Unsymmetrical face.

I'm very unhappy with the shape of my face. My chin is very long and weak and I am unhappy with the lack of symmetry my face has. I see so many... READ MORE

Facial asymmetry and possible fat grafting. (photos)

Hello doctors, I have very bad facial assymetry and no fat in my skin. As you can see from the provided photos below, my right side of my jaw and... READ MORE

Fat transfer; severe overfill from cheeks to lower jaw. Can it be removed without causing more damage?

Question is: can the fat be removed evenly from my cheeks? I do not want any grooves on my cheeks! Is it possible to removed fat from cheeks and leave... READ MORE

Would pressure cause fat to migrate?

10 days out from fat transfer. I had fat done to the back of the jaw behind jowls. Because of the swelling one side looked bigger than the other and I... READ MORE

Recently had a FAT TRANSFER to face, can I take growth hormone supplements? It's called SeroVital. And does SeroVital work?

I had fat transfer to cheeks and jaw area, I bought a growth hormone supplement called SeroVital. Will this affect my fat transfer in any way. I had... READ MORE

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