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Insurance Coverage for Fat Transfer?

Can insurance cover the costs of fat transfer surgery? I am really considering this but my money is very low. I'm not happy with myself, however, I... READ MORE

Fat Graft After Insurance-Covered Lipo

My Insurance Will Cover the Lipo; but Not a Fat Graph. If Quick Can I Us That Fat 2 Graph? Im in Texas. I have not actually seen and type of price... READ MORE

Can you get a breast reduction and fat transfer at the same time?

I qualify for insurance to cover a breast reduction procedure. Could I also get a fat transfer at the same time? READ MORE

Is there any way a fat transfer will be covered by insurance if there is significant deformity caused by a disease?

The entire side of the body has been affected (localized scleroderma), and we are looking to begin the reconstruction with the buttocks, hopefully... READ MORE

Reconstructive Fat Grafting and Insurance.

I had a major hip surgery when I was little and it caused a lot of fat and muscle loss. I have literally no meat where they cut and it is something... READ MORE

Can fat be transferred to your legs?

I have two questions, 1, can fat be transferred to your legs? I have chicken legs lol l, Q2. Does state insurance cover fgm reconstruction? READ MORE

Can I get a hernia and fat grafting covered by insurance?

I have a very large hernia that is growing and causing my pain plus there is some fat in top that hurts when I bend over I knew insurance covers the... READ MORE

Is it possible that fat transfer to the butt will help lower back pain?

I have terrible back pain and an extremely flat butt I literally sit on tail bone there is no cushion and I can't sit for long periods Is it possible... READ MORE

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