Inner Thighs + Fat Transfer

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Can I Have Fat Grafting from Another Part of my Body into my Inner Thighs?

I had bad liposuction results inside my inner thighs. Can I have fat grafting from another part of my body into my inner tights???? What part of the... READ MORE

Should I get inner thigh Liposuction and Fat Transfer to outer thighs for these results? (photos)

I apologize for not being more explanatory prior & thank you busy docs for your responses. I would like inner thigh lipo for a "thigh gap" or space... READ MORE

How Long Does It Take to See Final Results of Fat Grafting from Tummy to Medial Inner Thighs?

I got 150 cc fat transfer from my tummy to my left media inner thigh, how long it will take to see final results on this type a procedure??? Please... READ MORE

Fat Transfer to Inner Thighs - When Can I Exercise Again?

I had lipo 3 months ago where I got excesively treated my inner thighs, now I had fat transfer from my stomach to my medial inner thighs, when can I... READ MORE

Bumps and Cannula Marks After Fat Grafting

Finally I got my media inner thighs filled with fat from my tummy, they look bumpy and full of cannula marks. Uh Ugly, will this marks go away with... READ MORE

Fat transfer to even out liposuction scars?

The liposuction left the back of my legs and my inner tights with deep scars, I realize that doing more lipo would look worse, can I have a fat... READ MORE

I Had Fat Transfer in my Inner Thigh 6 Years Ago? (photo)

I had fat transfer 6 years ago, but I am not starting to feel pain from that area. What could it be? Is there anything I can do to eliminate the fat... READ MORE

When Can I Go Back to Work After a Fat Transfer Procedure?

I drive for a living, after a fat transfer procedure into my inner thighs when is safe to go back to work again? Please respond. READ MORE

Is It Okay to Take Prednisone 2 Weeks After Fat Transfer Procedure?

I had a fat transfer 2 weeks ago inside my inner thighs, the swelling is huge the doctor told me to take prednisone, is this safe after 2... READ MORE

I'm 11days Post Op Fat Transfer of Stomach, Flanks, & Inner Thighs to Butt. Is It Too Soon to Wear Heels?

I feel fine but I'm supposed to wait 14 days before sitting so I plan on minimal sitting just want to go out to a party or club or a few hours to get... READ MORE

When Will I See Results From Fat Grafting?

Finally I got fat transfer from my tummy to my media inner legs that got a deep dent do it to previous liposuction in that area, it happened... READ MORE

Extreme swelling at fat transfer recipient site inner knee/thigh accompanied by extreme fever. Excruciating pain (Photo)

I had surgery on Mon 9 2015. On Wed 11 I began developing excruciating throbbing pain at the fat injection site and it soon spread throughout the... READ MORE

I heard that there is a surgery that takes fat from parts of your body and allows them to be put elsewhere. Can this be done?

For example if I wanted to remove the fat from my abdominal area and my inner thighs and have it placed in my bottom area would this be possible? If... READ MORE

Can I have a Fat transfer to inner thigh so I can close the "thigh gap"? (photos)

I had a Fat transfer with Dr. William Bruno in Beverly Hills and because I didn't have enough that he had to take fat out of my inner thighs. Now I... READ MORE

Lipo 3 years ago. I do not want a thigh lift. Can I expect any improvement with fat grafting?

Hello, I am a 64 year woman who had lipo to upper and lower abs aswell as the inner thighs. As you can see on the photo, things went horribly wrong,... READ MORE

Question Regarding Fat Grafting and How Soon Would the Fat Die?

I had lipo on inner thighs last year, the physician took way too much fat from the center of my thighs and left a hole there, it was obvious and made... READ MORE

20cc Fat Transfer to My Inner Thigh, Now Fat is Lumpy and Firm?

Could that fat have died? How long does it take for fat to die and become painful? Where would a patient feel the pain? READ MORE

How to care properly for fat harvesting sites (inner thighs)?

I had 10 cc of fat harvested from the inner thigh areas of both legs to be injected into tear troughs. 3 weeks after surgery the harvest sites got... READ MORE

How much would it cost to have fat transfer to my breasts and buttocks?

I really want to have bigger breast that look younger as far as my breast goes. How much scarring would I have? My butt is not all the way flat but I... READ MORE

Do I have enough fat to get that desired look? If yes what areas best to lipo and transfer to buttocks? (Photos)

Hello all :), I wAnt To achieve that inverted heart shape type of waist and buttocks, (wish pictures are the 2 last ones), been told i dont have... READ MORE

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