Inflammation + Fat Transfer

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What Are The Possible Negative Side Effects Of Fat Transfers Under The Eyes.

Hello, I need advice on Coleman fat transfer for the hollow area underneath the eyelids. I am concerned with what can happen to injected fat that... READ MORE

Numbness on Left Side After Fat Injection

A month ago+ I had a fat injections. My left side: cheeks, under eye area, upper lip feels numbed. In addition to that all mentioned areas feels... READ MORE

Wrinkles reappear soon after face fat transfer, is this normal?

I have fat transferred on my forehead V wrinkles, on upper lip wrinkles and on nasolabian folds this August.After the procedure, the V wrinkles and... READ MORE

Inflammation in Fat Transfer Good or Bad?

Does inflammation process in fat transfer recipient site a good thing or a bad thing in the survival of fat? I read some clinical case studies stated... READ MORE

Can Stem Cell Fat Grafting help with scar tissue and post inflammatory hyper pigmentation?

I've had hardened scar tissue on my lower abdomen from Slim Lipo for 1 year and 2 months now. I've also had loss of subcutaneous tissue from... READ MORE

10 months post op of Fat Transfer to my breast. I developed a lump. Is this lump calcification? Should I be concerned?

I had a fat transfer to my breast, had inflamation and doctor aspirated from lower part of my breast in the area of inflamation. 4months later... READ MORE

Steroid injection atrophy then fat injection to correct it now swelling won't subside. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hello Drs I had a huge dent in my right cheek due to a series of steroid injections ( kenalog ) waited a few months for the atropy to stabilise then... READ MORE

I had lipo & fat injections to my calves. The lipo went well but I can't walk after surgery. Do I need to go to the ER? (Photo)

My calves were extremely swelled and I felt a lot of pain. My doctor gave me steroids and send me an ultrasound to check for bloodclots and I don't... READ MORE

Can a steroid shot on my arm have negative effects on fat grafted on face? (Photos)

I had fat grafting on face and lips 2 weeks ago. I still have significant swelling on my lips that I wish would go down. I want the steroid shot to... READ MORE

Is it normal to have a significant amount of fat & inflammation after surgery?

Will this fat dissipate & I look normal soon? It's been 5 days & I look like a monster. Cat woman. :/ READ MORE

Can inflammation happen 2 months after Fat Transfer to tear trough?

Hi, my right eye hasnt healed since fat injection 2 months ago. It has a very small lump hidding under the bony part, the tear trough just feel tight... READ MORE

Fat transfer to face to an immune compromised patients?

What is a surgeon's approach to performing a fat transfer and leaving permanent (plastic) stitches inside a face of an immune compromised patients?... READ MORE

I Did the Fat Injection in my Calves About Ten Years Ago. One of my Calves Inflamed. What Can I Do About It?

I recently. started exercising again and in one of my calves a big lump formed and it is painful, red and swollen. Could it be from the exercising... READ MORE

Infection or cellulitis or dvt? I had Fat transfer to calves 3 weeks ago. (photo)

I had fat transfer to the calves via liposuction of the abdomen 3 weeks ago. 8 days ago I noticed a swollen red inflamed area on my right ankle which... READ MORE

7 months after fat transfer, the area still feels heavily inflamed (Photo)

Hi drs I had fat transfer 7 months ago and still have swelling and most days what's seems like a "roll" or a long ways lump the area still feels... READ MORE

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