Indentation + Fat Transfer

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What Can Be Done About This Strange Dent on my Leg? (photo)

I've had this strange dent on my leg for as long as I can remember (noticed around the age of 8 or 9). I don't even know what the dent is, but when... READ MORE

Bruise left a dent inm y left bum cheek. Will it go away?

I fell very hard on my bum while going down stairs. Shortly after, noticed a VERY big deep purple bruise on my left cheek, with a dent, I didn't think... READ MORE

Indents on Hips - What Can I Do to Fix It? (photo)

I have indents on my hips in between my actual hips and where the bottom of my waist is, making it look like I have love handles when I don't. No... READ MORE

Indent under bottom lip (between chin and mouth) issues. Any suggestions? (photos)

I'm 16 years old, and this indent has been bugging me for years, people never acknowledge it, but whenever I look in a mirror I get annoyed, and it's... READ MORE

I Am 115 Pounds and I Have a Indentation on my Hip?

I am tall, about 5'8. Everyone says I have the perfect body but I don't. It's annoying, I cannot wear skin tight clothes. I refuse to wear a bathing... READ MORE

Lipo w/ Fat Transfer - Swelling and Indentations After Doctor Changed Procedure

I had lipo 6 mo. ago. i'd askd dr. to do abdomen & lower back. he suggested that i also get fat transfer into my buttocks. He told me after... READ MORE

Indents in Hips Due to Tight Jeans?

I've been wearing tight jeans for years and because of that I now have indents in my hips. What are my options to "undent" my hips? I have very... READ MORE

Fat Transfer Done One Week Ago - Buttock is Wider and Flatter Than

I had dents in each butt cheek that I wanted to fix, but they are coming back and now I just have a lot of fat on the top and dents in the middle! So... READ MORE

Fat Injections into Front / Side of Thigh to Correct Liposuction Indentations

Had lipo twice in the thigh area and it looks like a bump/lumpy with cellulite deposits around it, making is like little indentures = cellulite. Had a... READ MORE

Can I Remove a Forehead Dimple?

I have a indentation in the middle of my forhead I don't like it . Is there any way I can remove it? READ MORE

Can Buttock Ptosis Be Cured by Fat Transfer?

I had liposuction of the thighs and buttock done to help my lower body fit my upper body. The doctor took off way to much and tried to "improve... READ MORE

I Have This Strange Indentation in my Thigh That Appeared Yesterday Evening I Have Cramping Too?

I am also having cramping as well yesterday morning my leg was fine now it's sort of numb with this huge dent READ MORE

Glute Fat Grafting - Cost, Recommendations and Advice

I suffered a fall back in June and have been left with a lump and indentation on my left glute. The lump is not healing and I may need fat grafting.... READ MORE

I Have a Lot of Cellulite on my Thighs and Butt, What Can I Do?

Would getting fat injected into the depressed areas help reduce the appearance of the cellulite or would it just make it worse? READ MORE

Will an indentation on my thigh caused from repetitive leaning on a hard surface go away on its own?

I recently discovered that I have an indentation in the back of my thigh. I have had short hair for many years, which I cut myself. When I was... READ MORE

Can the indent on my upper right butt cheek be fixed with another fat transfer? (photo)

2 years ago I had Liposuction and a fat transfer to my buttocks. A year later I developed a indent on my right butt cheek. Can I get liposuction again... READ MORE

Large indentation after attempt to fix cellulite with fat transfer. What to do? (Photo)

I had liposuction and Brazilian Butt Lift in August. Since my doctor was transferring fat to my butt, I asked him if he could transfer fat to fix 2... READ MORE

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